Born gay? How biology may drive orientation

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How biology may drive orientation Originally published June 19, 2005 at 12:00 am A growing number of studies suggest homosexual orientation — in sheep, rodents and humans — has genetic and

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Jun 19, 2005 · Researchers will recruit gay men with gay brothers in Seattle this summer to participate in a national study on the genetics of sexual orientation. Scientists will …

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Not all gay men have older brothers. Not all lesbians have short ring fingers. For some people, genes may be the dominant factor in sexual orientation. For others, it could be hormones. Just as sexual orientation spans a spectrum, scientists suspect there may be a range of mechanisms to explain it.

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Has a biological basis for homosexuality been proved? Not by a long shot. Much of the so-called research has been proved to be highly suspect and unverifiable. Born Gay? How Biology May Drive Orientation, The Seattle Times, Sunday, June 19, 2005. R. Albert Mohler, Jr., Is Homosexuality in the Genes?, August 15, 2004, What About the ‘Gay

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Two distinct areas of genes play a role in a man’s sexual orientation, scientists in the US believe Scientists have found sections of genes that may influence whether a man is gay or straight. The

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But if gay people weren’t born that way, if scientists were unable to find any biological basis for sexual orientation, then the Family Research Council crowd could claim vindication in its

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There is a popular belief that people are born either gay or straight. Conservatives tend to believe that sexual orientation is actually sexual preference, which is chosen by the individual. This page represents a review of the scientific literature on the basis for homosexual orientation.

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The use of all adult twins in Sweden was designed to address the criticism of volunteer studies, in which a potential bias towards participation by gay twins may influence the results; Biometric modeling revealed that, in men, genetic effects explained .34–.39 of the variance [of sexual orientation], the shared environment .00, and the individual-specific environment .61–.66 of the variance.

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While gay activists and their allies want us to believe people are «born gay» and that sexual orientation is an unchangeable characteristic like race or eye color, a closer examination of the scientific evidence reveals that the «nature vs. nurture» debate over homosexuality is far from settled.

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He studies the biology of sexual orientation and the implications for mental health and is the co-author of Born Gay? The Psychobiology of Sex Orientation The Psychobiology of Sex Orientation Topics

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Two gene variants have been found to be more common in gay men. New Scientist looks at what this tells us about the way biology shapes our sexuality a role in sexual orientation, this may

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Richard Pillard will discuss Born This Way: The Biology of Sexual Orientation at 7 p.m. Tuesday, November 16, in Stone Science Building, 675 Commonwealth Ave., Room B50. Questions will …

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A relatively new field in biology, epigenetics may hold the key in unlocking the mystery behind how sexual orientation is determined in the womb. The science behind sexual orientation began in part with a 1991 study by Dr. Simon LeVay, then a neurobiologist at the …