SOLVED: Ps3 won’t work on hdmi cable. No signal

SOLVED: Ps3 won’t work on hdmi cable. No signal – iFixit

1 make sure tv or monitor is on and change source to proper input IE Hdmi 1 or 2 etc. 2 Ensure your ps3 is off but ready to be turned on. Fat ps3 has switch in back that need to be in on position. 3 hold power button for 5 to 6 seconds and let go after 2nd beep, it should come on with a beep and wai – PlayStation 3

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SOLVED: Why doesn’t my PS3 have a signal on my TV

as my tv won’t let me have signal as i put in the hdmi cable into hdmi 1 and when i clicked on it it says no signal and counts down from 5 minutes then turns its self off 11/23/2014 by alex check to make sure that the cords are certainly put in your TV

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Ps3 and hdmi cable [Solved] –

Aug 19, 2010聽路 Ps3 and hdmi cable [Solved/Closed] Huttchand – Mar 17, Monitor gets no signal / Computer won’t boot i connectd my ps3 usin a hdmi cable on a hd tv but now I havnt got the hdmi cable or a hd tv I jus got a normal tv I tried using the yellow white n red cables but the is no image can u help me out plz with some advice thnxz.

112 Thank you well.iv had the same problem, my tv says no signal.i tried holding the button for 5 seconds.also tried holding both buttons for 10 seconds, nothing seems to work. any ideas Thank you, jbursey 112
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hold down the power button for 5 seconds and it will reset the image settings18759 Thank you

ive figure it out bro.. hold the button 5 sec and at the 5th scnd take ur finger out and when ur turning it on do the same but dont use the controller!!! if u succed tell m something . [email protected]6535 Thank you

I pressed it for 5 seconds but, still no picture. Any suggestions?3823 Thank you

So your Playstation 3 is on with no signal. Hold down the start button on the the console till it beeps then turns off. Start it back up the same way hold down the button till it beeps again and it will be reset to the RCA cables.You will be able to tell if it worked by the no signal screen going black then it goes to the PS3 screen. If this doesn’t work hook it back up through the HDMI cables and go to video setting and it will say HDMI and 2 other options. HDMI being the top one. Pick the bottom setting of the 3 with a bunch of different letters with the / through them.That should solve your problem.2520 Thank you

can someone plz help me?? I went from a HMDI plug in to a tv that has components (Y, Pb/Cb, Pr/Cr, S-Video). at first I had nothing «no signal».. then I did the reset thing and that gave me visual, only problem now is no sound!?..all cords are pluged in the right holes and its a new cord2116 Thank you

Ok heres the deal, I had my playstation 3 at my friends house and he has a hd tv and hdmi cables so we were playing my ps3 on his tv and used the hdmi, did that little update thing and was playing in hd 馃榾
but now I am back home on my old crappy tv, got the yellow and white cords in and cant see the screen, I tried holding down the button for 5 seconds but after about 3 the playstation beeps and it just turns off.. pls help19
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turn off the system so the light on the front is res, then hold down/ touch where the power singnal is for about 5 seconds thatb should reset it back to its original settings169 Thank you

Ok, so I hooked the HDMI cable up to the PS3 and TV< everything was right and only the sound came through. I Also went to settings and tried all the HD settings. It was originally set to Automatic and it still didn't work. Any suggestions?129 Thank you

press and hold down the power button until it beeps.12

HDMI to TV connection not working – no signal – [Solved

Dec 10, 2017聽路 the DVD player doesn’t connect with the HDMI – the tv says no signal – why won’t it work? solved No signal on hdmi connection on samsung led tv connected to a laptop

Attention: PS3 owners with HDMI «no signal» problem

Sep 04, 2013聽路 edit: to people posting that it was a simple matter of resetting the ps3, this thread is for people who have already tried everything, and no matter what, HDMI won’t work on their PS3. There is a handshaking problem with the ps3, google : hdmi no signal ps3 and see how many hits you get.

PS3 does not output HDMI Signal | IGN Boards

Apr 12, 2016聽路 Haven’t played the PS3 in a few days, now it won’t output to HDMI. But luckily the composite/component port still works. I’m going to buy a PS3 component cable and give that a try.

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PS3 HDMI No Signal Error Fix – YouTube

Dec 22, 2015聽路 A quick tutorial on how to get your PS3 and Television functioning together correctly via HDMI.

Solved: PS3 DVD Playback Problem (no HDMI signal detected

I’ve also tried different DVDs (some films, some tv shows), a different HDMI cable and a different screen / tv that takes HDMI. In every case no signal comes through and I end up having to power off the system and power back on again as I can’t seem to get back to the main PS3 desktop / menu using the controller and the PS3 button.

My tv says no signal input when connected to HDMI [Solved

Solved I have an older insigna tv and hooked up my blu ray but tv says no signal , i used an hdmi but still tv says no signal solution Solved Sharp tv no av signal on hdmi input solution

Solved: My TV won’t recognise my PS3 via HDMI

My xbox 360 works fine on the Sony using the same input and the same cable. Trying to reset the ps3 or trying safe mode doesn’t work. Only way I can get a picture is with the analog 480i cable. Also no luck in my son’s tv. I even tried turning off and unplugging the sony tv, plugging in hdmi cable, turning on the ps3, then turning on the tv.