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A free-floating barrel is a specific design technology used in highly accurate rifles, particularly match grade rifles, to increase the accuracy of the weapon. With conventional rifles, the barrel rests in contact with the fore-end of the stock.

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Free Floating Barrel. The first step is to ensure the barrel is free floating. This means that the barrel must not touch the forend at any point. You must be able to pass at least 3 (some recommend 5) dollar bills (or, sheets of printer paper works, too), stacked together, between the barrel and the forend, all the way to the end of the chamber

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Free floating the barrel is the solution to this issue. On a traditional rifle (such as a bolt action Weatherby Vanguard) a sufficiently rigid stock must be selected and material must be removed from the stock forend (around the barrel) until the barrel no longer touches the stock.

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Free float the barrel so that nothing interferes with the harmonics. Any contact, warping, swelling from moisture, expansion of a hot barrel, etc. will impact group size.

Helps when barrel heats up, works if wooden stock get wet and warps,and the harmonic vibrations work better.3repeatability..0Barrel Harmonics is what free floating deals with1I have noticed better accuracy at far distances with my free floating than my non2If not free floated, about 7 pounds of up force near the tip of the stock sometimes works very well. One way to tell if free floating your barrel will improve accuracy is to take some hard paper shims made from tabs of ammo boxes and place one or two plies just forward of the recoil lug and reinstall and tighten the stock to the action and check with a dollar bill for clearance from the end of the stock to the shims at the action end of the barrel. Then go shoot it with some of the same ammo you tested before the process. If it improves, you have a candidate for free floating. If not, you might look elsewhere for improvement. Both my wood stocked bolt rifles are action glass bedded and barrels free floated. The composite stocked ones are not. Another tip: Coat the inside of your stock, barrel channel, action mortise, and under the butt pad with polyurethane. It does not alter the appearance and prevents moisture intrusion and warping. Most stock warp comes from rain, ice, and snow creeping into the wood in the barrel channel and around the action. Not much intrusion through most exterior finishes unless you see white or frosted looking changes in the finish. On every production wood stock I have seen, those areas are unfinished. Not on mine anymore. Stained and poly’d. Good luck and Merry Christmas!2more accurate0Glass bed the action to keep it stable and constant. Free float the barrel so that nothing interferes with the harmonics. Any contact, warping, swelling from moisture, expansion of a hot barrel, etc. will impact group size. A dollar bill should slide between the barrel and inside of the stock unrestricted from end of the stock down to the action.1these guys said it all. if all you want is a good hunting rifle that you may not shoot all that far, a barrel that is not free floated would do fine. however, if you get serious about accuracy and long range shooting, this will be an advantage.1its not just about warping of the stock either, when the barrel gets hot after a fireing string, the barrel heats up and expands. free floating barrells tend to string shots less than barrells with contact points with the stock. basically, your barrell with hold a better zero when its heated up after firing. or when the barrel is hot/cold due to weather.
it also makes the barrell harmonics more consistant from shot to shot USUALLY giving the rifle more accuracy potential. this is not always true for every barrel. some custom rifle makers bed the barrell for the entire length of the stock so there is 100 % contact with stock and barrell, they claim it works but i’m skeptical of it.2
A free floated barrel isn’t necessarily more accurate than one that isn’t, it just saves you from the effects of a warping wood stock. They can change your point of impact not only over time, but even from day to day as conditions change. You can do as well or better, accuracy wise, with a full length glass bed or some sort of contact points – hence the shim helping. It dampens the barrel whip, whereas it can just whip freely when free floated.3

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Jun 19, 2009 · Floating a rifle barrel isn’t magic. com we discuss why floating increases accuracy and the effects of barrel harmonics and oscillation. The rifles in the video are a Savage 110 in 308 and a

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A free-floating barrel is a specific design technology used in highly accurate rifles, particularly match grade rifles, to increase the accuracy of the weapon. With normal rifles, the barrel rests in contact with the stock. If the stock is manufactured of wood, environmental conditions or

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Oct 09, 2014 · I can’t speak for non free float as all of my weapons have free floating barrels, but I can say that after getting better scope rings on my 15-22 (since we are on the topic of a .22 and free floating vs non free-floating) I haven’t had to re-zero my scope since. That rifle is not babied either.

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To free-float an AR you will need to buy a handguard that does not rest on the barrel, there are a quite a few brands that we at Joe Firearms use and suggest, such …

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Jul 30, 2012 · The idea behind free floating a barrel is to try and control or eliminate the variables that will effect barrel accuracy. There has also been no shortage of «gizmos» over the years to control the variables that effect accuracy.

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Is Free-Floating an AR15 Barrel Worth it? Question The AR-15 type rifle has surged in popularity and availability in the last few years, and perhaps the most common decision a potential buyer or owner has to make is whether to use standard hand guards or to use hand guards that free-float the barrel.

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Jan 02, 2013 · Once you free float the barrel you eliminate that part of the accuracy equation. But there is more to it that just floating the barrel. Accuracy depends on the stiffness of the barrel, the fit of the stock to the receiver (must not change with recoil or weather or the way you hold the gun).

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