REVEALED: The mysterious force killing off GALAXIES

REVEALED: The mysterious force killing off GALAXIES

Jan 28, 2017 · Watch video · A MYSTERIOUS force is wiping out galaxies across the universe baffling scientists who are desperately trying to figure out what is killing off the stars. Express. Home of the Daily and Sunday Express.

An unknown force is pulling the Milky Way and other

In time, astronomers discovered that there is a giant supercluster of galaxies known as the Norma Cluster, which has a mass of about 1,000 trillion suns or thousands of galaxies. The exact position of the mysterious force was pinpointed in 1986.

The mysterious dark force pulling our galaxy –

What the survey revealed was a field of 883 galaxies, a third of which had not previously been suspected says Professor Staveley-Smith.

What’s killing these galaxies? | Space | EarthSky

It dictates the life of the galaxy because the existing stars will cool off and grow old. If you remove the fuel for star formation then you effectively kill the galaxy and turn it into a dead object.

Universe is expanding up to 9% faster than we thought, say

Another idea is that so-called “dark energy”, a mysterious, anti-gravity force discovered in 1998, may be shoving galaxies away from one another more powerfully than originally estimated.

Dark energy’s weakness may be why supernovae didn’t kill

Most people don’t think of dark energy—the all-permeating force driving apart galaxies—as particularly weak.

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Astronomers discover more than 800 ultra dark galaxies in

More than 800 ‘ultra dark’ galaxies found – and astronomers say there is a mysterious force surrounding them all. The ‘fluffy’ galaxies were spotted more than 300 million light years away

The Most Intriguing and Important Details the New Star

R5 begs to know why, and R2 goes on and on about how if he doesn’t fulfill his mission the galaxy is doomed. He’s a real drama-droid about it, but it gets through to R5.

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Will the ‘great attractor’ destroy Earth? | Daily Mail Online

The great attractor is not an object but instead a point in the centre of the supercluster of galaxies in which our Milky Way sits, Dr Paul Sutter, an astrophysicist at Ohio State University, said.

Science Explained: How Can the Diameter of the Universe

The Expansion of the Universe. Here’s where things get sticky. Our observations of redshift revealed that objects three times more distant are moving three times faster relative to nearby galaxies.

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