Rory Gilmore and Why We Need Better Fictional Journalism

Rory Gilmore and Why We Need Better Fictional Journalism

Rory Gilmore has been aching to be a journalist since she was in high school. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life offers proof that she has fulfilled that dream, as she now works as a freelance

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When Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life premiered, we found out Rory Gilmore was having some trouble finding her next full-time journalism job. If you’ve seen any season of the show, you know that Rory has wanted to be a journalist since she was young and has worked hard to pursue her editorial dreams.

6 Things I Learned About Journalism from Rory Gilmore

Gilmore Girls is a trove of little life lessons, both humorous and endearing, and I still admire Rory’s character, despite her foibles. Her tenacity to make it through every obstacle encountered and her stern frankness and demand for what she wants is something to be appreciated.

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Giphy. When we left Rory, she was going off to work on the Obama campaign trail — an experience any young journalist would’ve killed for. As a fellow journalism student, I couldn’t wait to see

An Analysis Of Rory’s Journalism Career In The ‘Gilmore

If there’s one incredibly polarizing struggle on the Gilmore Girls revival, it’s Rory Gilmore’s career in journalism.

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Ten years have lapsed from when we last saw Rory victorious, graduating from Yale with a journalism job and a newly single status. But Rory at 32 feels more like what Rory at 24 might have been.

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Nov 30, 2016 · The only way to be truly inspired by Gilmore Girls is to watch it and want to be Rory, but better. She’s smart and loves to read, sure, but she doesn’t know how to put her nose to the grindstone.

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We do hear of Rory writing many times within the show – just because we don’t hear it every five minutes doesn’t mean she doesn’t write a lot. The show focused on other parts of her life as well. I will give you Rory is a bit sensitive, but again I’m sure if I had the ability to question every journalist in the world, Rory’s not the only one.

Top responsesRedditI know it’s unfair to generalize a whole subreddit when there are obviously a lot of different people here with a lot of different opinions, but I’m going … read more35 votesThere was also that bit in the finale where she was too shy to approach Christiane Amanpour and had her mommy to do for her. Showed some awesome initiative … read more13 votesI think she’s the kind of kid who has never been told «no». Like you know how there are some kids whose parents constantly tell them they can be whatever … read more11 votesI’d also say that Rory doesn’t have the performance skills to play the part. Sometimes you need to wrangle a story, get in with the right crowd to get it. Look … read more6 votesWe never find out whether Jess drove straight at her screaming in a foreign language.6 votesI know what I think about Rory, but I’m not sure what the show wants us to think about her. Since she’s one of the protagonists, I tend to assume that the writers … read more5 votesSee all

Rory’s failure. Only problem I have is how it was done

But no, we hardly saw Rory do anything. Instead we got a really long piece of Rory and Lorelai delivering newspaper. I was hoping that maybe Rory would make some changes or do anything really with the Gazette. I remember when she saved Yale Daily News that time when Paris was editor and how passionate she was doing it. We don’t see that Rory anymore.

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And I found myself agreeing with Mitchum Huntzberger: Rory, in the grand tradition of fictional journalists, was actually not great at journalism. But I also really started to notice the depth of the relationships between the women on the show.

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In May 2007, my sister and I gathered around the TV for what we thought would be one last trip to Stars Hollow and one last visit with the Gilmores. Now, with the “Gilmore Girls” reboot coming to Netflix on November 25, I can’t contain my excitement. Lorelai, Rory, Luke, and all the rest were extraordinary bookworms, mentioning a whopping 339 books in their first 7 seasons!