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Beyond The Supernova Box Set (PRE …Supernova Remix · Music Without Words

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Every copy of the Beyond The Supernova Box Set will come with a certificate of authenticity signed by Joe and ZZ Satriani. For you collectors, this is the piece that …

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#fbf 1989 The Black Dog guitar

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«A supernova is the destruction of a star in the end of its life. But its mark…

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Cyber Monday may be over but our deal goes all week!

10% off the Beyond the Supernova Box Set till Friday…/Beyond_The_Supernova_Box_Set/

2 days ago

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Joe along with a cast of other great artists will be featured on Jason Becker’s upcoming album!

Hits stores December 7th.


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Are you registered for the guitar experience of a lifetime?

Sign up by 12/15 …

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Curious about what a day at The G4 Experience looks like? Here’s our schedule for Saturday, January 5th.

Each day is a mix of exploring, learning, p…

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