Pandora Rolling Out Personalized Playlists to All Premium Subscribers on Mobile App

Pandora Rolling Out Personalized Playlists to All Premium

Pandora Rolling Out Personalized Playlists to All Premium Subscribers on Mobile App Wednesday May 23, 2018 9:59 AM PDT by Mitchel Broussard. After a slow rollout began in March, Pandora today

Pandora Rolling Out Personalized Playlists to All Premium

Pandora is offering the stable of personalized playlists as a way to entice its free users to upgrade to Pandora Premium, which runs for $9.99/month. Originally a live radio streaming service only, Pandora launched Premium in 2017 to compete with Apple Music and Spotify, combining its existing radio features into an on-demand music streaming service.

Pandora’s personalized playlists go live for all Premium

May 23, 2018 · Pandora in March began rolling out dozens of variations of personalized playlists, including those spanning moods, activities, and genres – all …

Pandora Premium on MacRumors

Unlike in the base Pandora app, Pandora Premium allows its subscribers full, on-demand control of what they listen to thanks to the inclusion of playlists and a personalized search feature, which

Pandora rolls out ‘personalized playlists’ to all Premium

Pandora is adopting a similar model, using a combination of its in-house music genome, machine learning, and human curators to figure out the best playlists for any situation.

Pandora’s personalized playlists are available to all

Pandora’s personalized playlists are available to all premium subscribers those playlists should now be rolling out to everyone subscribed to Pandora Premium, the company’s on-demand music

Pandora takes on Spotify with dozens of personalized

Mar 28, 2018 · Pandora’s new playlists will start rolling out today to Pandora’s Premium subscribers. That’s the top tier of Pandora’s paid offerings, and Pandora…

Pandora’s Personal Soundtracks: Customized Playlists For

Personalized Soundtracks is a new addition to Pandora’s on-demand Premium subscribers. Each week, the app will curate up four 25-song playlists that it’s built based on your listening trends.

Pandora goes full Spotify with personalized playlists

Mar 28, 2018 · With that Pandora calls «personalized soundtracks,» the company will put its Music Genome to work creating a library of playlists based on your listening habits.

A personal soundtrack for your every mood and moment

If you love the tracks, simply add them to your collection or existing playlists. To listen to your personalized soundtrack today, go to the “Featured Playlists” section of “Browse” in your mobile app. This is the beginning of a whole suite of themed playlists that we will automatically build and tailor to …

Unveiling Personalized Soundtracks – Pandora Blog

We’re testing them now with a small group of Pandora Premium users and look forward to bringing them to all our Premium subscribers soon. The personalized playlists fit your moods, activities and favorite genres and are updated each week based on your individual musical tastes. We combined our human curation with personalized algorithms to automatically serve up new artists and songs anticipating the …

Pandora Launches Personalized Playlists for All Premium

Pandora’s new personalized playlist feature is now available to all ad-free premium subscribers. This follows through on a promise made in March that the streaming service would extend the feature

Pandora widens personalized playlist ‘soundtracks’ to

Pandora, a streaming-music provider best known for its free digital radio, is widening these personalized playlists Wednesday to all subscribers of its Premium service, which is a $10-a-month