MRW people start talking about transgender bullshit and toilet nonsense

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So many of the most popular podcasts out there are male comedians just talking complete nonsense and riffing. I’ve never heard anyone criticize them for «gossiping» or talking about themselves too much, no matter what the topic at hand is supposed to be. Ugh.

The Danish Girl is nonsense. I would know. I was once a

I know from first-hand experience, as I was once a transgender woman, and I regret my sex-reassignment surgery. The Plot The movie is set in Denmark in the 1920s.

Transgender Bathroom Panic Will Help Shape Republican

And the debate has gone into the toilet, purposefully. Transgender Bathroom Panic Will Help Shape Republican Party Platform not small minds talking about other people.


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2 TALKING ABOUT the two. And until we help the conflicted middle better understand what it means to be transgender, they can start to think their discomfort is an indication that they should oppose protecting transgender people when it comes to restrooms and other such facilities. TALKING ABOUT TRANSGENDER PEOPLE & RESTROOMS: OVERALL

Talking To Elementary School Kids About Transgender

Feb 28, 2017 · The HRC and have resources for talking with young people about transgender issues ― as well as a glossary, which frankly, I …

This stupid bullshit will continue until Women decide to

Apr 01, 2017 · There is absolutely no reason whatsoever why we cannot eliminate them altogether and have individual toilet/showers/changing areas within a larger room. But until then there is no reason whatsoever not to assign the plumbing people have to the plumbing people use. My germ anxiety kicks in using either gender’s bathroom and I manage to get over it.

What prompted the transgender bathroom issue in the first

It was prompted by the Supreme Court’s decision in Obergefell v.Hodges. This decision was a great victory for marriage equality and a massive defeat for the forces defending “traditional” conservative definitions of marriage, family, and gender roles in the United States.

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Bitch Quotes Life Quotes Sassy Quotes Quotes For Haters Mean People Quotes Funny Karma Quotes Bed Quotes Idgaf Quotes Bullshit Quotes Forward Ok now I get that this is a marriage thing but I thought it meant «fuck you» and then middle finger

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I want to focus on more subtle things than the hateful shit spewed by the more radical and hateful SJWs. Things like ignoring the scientific evidence that body fat can be harmful and why demisexuality is bullshit and why otherkin as an undisputed identity equivalent to being transgender …

15 Experts Debunk Right-Wing Transgender Bathroom Myth

CCASA would love to see the real focus be on the realities that transgender people are far too often targeted for sexual violence, and if they seek support through victim services or the criminal

A Quarter of Transgender People Report –

The results of a new poll of transgender Americans put together by the National Center for Transgender Equality aims to give a better sense of what these people actually experience in the world.

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Think. Please just fucking think. You’re letting people take advantage of you and the social network you use. You want to know why the US government is going down the toilet? It’s because of people taking advantage of stupid memes like this that do it.