The 7 Most Irritating Characters From Otherwise Great Movies

The 7 Most Irritating Characters From Otherwise Great Movies

Terminator 2: Judgement Day – Young John Connor. The Character: Edward Furlong was one of …

The 7 Most Irritating Characters From Otherwise Great Movies

just watched ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ for the first time and a lot of scenes seemed way too familiar in so many levels! lol It truly opened my eyes even more than they already

8 Most Annoying Characters On Otherwise Great TV Shows

On that note, we have compiled a list of the eight most annoying characters from otherwise great TV shows.

The 15 Most Annoying Movie Characters Of All Time

They’re annoying as hell and we don’t want to take it anymore, but sometimes they can be found in otherwise beloved movies. We see these characters on the screen and we find ourselves rooting for their demise. Some of these characters are annoying on purpose, but even worse are the ones who are annoying by accident.

Top 10 Most Irritating Characters in Hindi Movies – TopYaps

6. Akshay Kumar as Agastya in ‘Joker’: The role of Agastya in the movie ‘Joker’, played by Akshay Kumar, deserves the sixth position in the list of most irritating characters in Hindi movies.

The 7 Most Annoying Kids in Action Movie History – Ranker

How often can a kid mess up an otherwise great movie (without actually being in the theatre)? Pretty damn often. If you walk out of, or turn off a movie and one of the most memorable things is an annoying kid, then the annoying kids have won.

The 15 Most Annoying Video Game Characters (From Otherwise

You were the first landmark annoying video game character, and for two decades you have held tightly onto that crown. Tim Lovett also writes for his For entire games that annoyed us, check out our rundown of The 10 Most Irritatingly Impossible Old-School Video Games.

The 12 most annoying movie characters of all time

The 7 most offensive movie characters of all time Are Bruce Wayne’s parents the most killed characters in movie history? The 13 most agonising movie cliffhangers of all time

The 10 Most Annoying Characters Of The 2014-2015 Season

As you might have guessed, we’ve rounded up the 10 most annoying characters of the 2014-2015 TV season, making this one of the most aggravation-fueled lists you’ll see this year.

10 of the Worst TV Characters of All Time –

While Michelle and most of the other show’s characters were generally likable, D.J., the eldest daughter, had an especially irritating best friend named Kimmy Gibbler.

The 25 Most Annoying Movie Characters | Complex

(Sometimes even great directors drop bombs. Complex conjures up bad memories from cinema’s past with a countdown of The 25 Most Annoying Movie Characters , because, let’s face it, it’s just


Bella Swan is one of the most irritating characters ever. As bad as Lori was, Andrea (Laurie Holden) was a million times worse. Holden is a decent actor, so the …

10 Terrible Characters In Otherwise Awesome Movies

Unfortunately, these characters sometimes turn out to be so damned irritating, that they wind up derailing every scene they show up in – and if they show up enough, they may come perilously close

The Most Loathed TV Characters of All Time | TV Guide

He was a sadistic, incompetent coward and, unlike most TV villains, he didn’t have any redeeming qualities. Plus, his uncle was his father.