Can I be banned for using Autohotkey?

Can I get banned for using Autohotkey to create a macro

Then, since AHK’s entire existence is to create scripts that you can trigger with a single keystroke, the safest bet is to ban all AHK usage. Official mouse/keyboard software can’t be banned. Same reason, Blizzard can’t look into your computer to see what you’re doing with them, but this time those are «normal» applications to have installed.

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Mar 30, 2013 · but i use a g600 mouse and have some keys binded to macros with «key pressed» mechanic that spams that key as long as i have the mouse button pressed , not just keys but modifiers + keys.I have been using the mouse for a couple of weeks now.I get the fact that i can’t get a ban for that since if i did logitech law suite is 100% incoming

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However, certain keybinds could get you overwatch banned perhaps, if you get reported, depending on what your hotkey does. But the simple things such as a Buymenu hotkey to buy your basic equipments should be pretty much safe if you ask me. Use it for innocent actions and you’re in the safe zone.

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I'm using a Razer Naga hex at the moment and the left click is currently double clicking . Ive searched on the internet and ppl say its a common problem , and a fix for it its to download a program called Buggy Mouse.ahk.

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Sep 23, 2018 · I frequently play fortnite with my friends, and I use Discord to voice chat with them. Sometimes I don’t have a mic because of travel reasons, so I made an

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Apr 05, 2014 · For avoiding this in the future, could you add a message «Using autohotkey will get you banned» when it detects autohotkey instead of that «please close autohotkey before playing». I have 1700 hours of tracked playtime and absolutely clean history.

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Been using it for years and I’ve never heard of anybody getting banned for using it. It’s just a macro creation software I doubt VAC would ever ban for such things. The people that say that got banned for it were most likely cheating and are now blaming the program as an excuse.

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May 16, 2015 · » I can obtain the ability to not have to mouse click for skills often, If you mean click \the mouse once and it repeats commands several times you can be banned. That is not remapping the keys it is running a macro.

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Can I get banned, if I use autohotkey to switch render distance.? You know that thing when on 350 or less than 1000 u have texture bugs and you need to switch back to more than 1000 and then back on 350. Im using autohotkey program to do that in less than half sec. Can I get banned? Is autohotkey restricted? Btw, if some1 needs that code, msg me.

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Nov 08, 2014 · Will Using AutoHotKey get me banned I found that AutoHotKey can do what I want, but I have also found out people have used it to make bots. Will using AutoHotKey to make holding down a key spam it. (holding 5 for .5s is the same as pressing 5 50 times in .5seconds) and remap shift key to spacebar (for modifiers).