One could only wish that this was the REAL cigarette snail

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One of the fish-eating species, the geography cone, Conus geographus, is also known colloquially as the «cigarette snail», a gallows humor exaggeration implying that, when stung by this creature, the victim will have only enough time to smoke a cigarette before dying.

Distribution and habitat · Shell description · Life habits · Relevance to humans · Species · Conus Aulicus

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Jan 03, 2007 · Response to the cigarette snail 2007-01-03 16:15:55 Reply Blah, it would be much cooler if what you said was true. Instead, you have hours or even days before it kicks in.

TIL the cone snail is considered one of the most venomous

Nicknamed the cigarette snail, because if you’re stung by it, you only have enough time to smoke a cigarette before you die. The smaller ones are less dangerous, but the larger ones can kill …

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I could, I could, be there for you I could, I could, be the one to I’d be, your cigarette I would, I would, be your light and I would, I would, shine you bright Oh I wish, I’ll be your last

I had a racing snail, I thought it would be faster if I

Wow, I really wish my English teacher had explained it this way. I always have to think about whether I’m trying to say it is, and work backwards from there. Takes longer than it should because I never understood WHY its wouldn’t have an apostrophe, except to differentiate it from it’s.

Top responsesRedditI am going to try and slip this joke into tomorrows scheule at least once!50 votesClearly, the snail needs a shell to make escargot. (I’m terrible at making puns)13 votesit’s shell *its103 votesA tortoise was mugged by a gang of snails. He tried to give a statement to the police but couldn’t because, «I don’t know, it all happened so fast!»27 votesWoah! I didn’t realize until now that the word sluggish came from that. TIL.8 votesSitting at home, a guy hears a knock at the door. He opens the door, looks down and sees a snail staring at him. In one fast motion, he swoops down, grabs … read more9 votesSee all

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If he could cultivate the eighteen solutions to the apex, he would have the chance to catch up to his ancestor, the Snail God. “I’m very happy to see your success today.” Li Qiye said after seeing Niu Fen. The old man quickly prostrated in response: “This lowly …

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This friggin’ snail looks like a bunny. It’s 1) fucking gigantic 2) eerily bunny-esque 3) gross 4) one of the most viral tweets this year and last but not least 5) still fucking gross.

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Polymita Picta, common name the Cuban Land Snail or the painted snail, is a species of large, air-breathing land snail, a terrestrial pulmonate gastropod mollusk in the family Helminthoglyptidae. This species is the type species of the genus Polymita.

My Snail Is Very Far Ino His Shell And Won’t Come Out. His

Snails prefer darker environments so are usually most active after lights out. Cracks in the shell could be caused from the snail falling. The cuttle bone will add calcium but calcium rich foods such as spinach and kale will also be a good addition. The calcium will help your snail rebuild a hard barrier between his body and environment.

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Mar 15, 2010 · Best Answer: I am not sure if it’s dead or not I do know that often times, snails eat a TON of food and algae and get full and don’t move for about a week. Wait like a week or so to make sure it’s dead for real. Here are some things you can test to see if a snail is dead or not. 1. Take the snail …

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Snail Mail, 19-Year-Old Lindsey Jordan’s Band, Is So Much

If the success of their EP Habit is any indication, Lush, the debut album of Snail Mail, 19-year-old Lindsey Jordan’s band, just might take over rock music.

The Vistells, The Cobras and the late ’60’s Santa Cruz

At that time I joined Snail as the bass player. I was the one with real short hair! Snail was a Cream-style power trio with Bob O’Neill on guitar and Ron Fillmore on drums. [The three Snail songs here] were recorded at a live gig in San Lorenzo park in Santa Cruz. It was a big concert (the one on the pink flyer).

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One study found it could treat burns, while others have suggested it might reduce warts, but these were small-scale studies. “I’m not aware of any good clinical studies that demonstrate how or

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Conus is a genus of predatory sea snails, or cone snails, marine gastropod mollusks in the family Conidae. Prior to 2009, cone snail species had all traditionally been grouped into the single genus Conus .

Kingdom: Animalia

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Davison said he was hoping Jeremy would take to at least one of the two snails and produce offspring that could help researchers better understand the genetic abnormality.