Getting Started Using Docker Compose — Cilium 1.3.0 documentation

Getting Started Using Docker Compose — Cilium 1.3.0

Getting Started Using Docker Compose ¶ This tutorial leverages Vagrant and VirtualBox, thus should run on any operating system supported by Vagrant, including Linux, macOS, and Windows. If you haven’t read the Introduction to Cilium yet, we’d encourage you to do that first.

Getting Started Guides — Cilium 1.3.0 documentation

Getting Started Using Docker Compose The best way to get help if you get stuck is to ask a question on the Cilium Slack channel . With Cilium contributors across the globe, there is …

Getting Started Using Minikube — Cilium 1.3.0 documentation

Getting Started Using Minikube¶. This guide uses minikube to demonstrate deployment and operation of Cilium in a single-node Kubernetes cluster. The minikube VM requires approximately 5GB of RAM and supports hypervisors like VirtualBox that run on Linux, macOS, and Windows.

Get started with Docker Compose | Docker Documentation

Get started with Docker Compose Estimated reading time: 10 minutes On this page you build a simple Python web application running on Docker Compose. The application uses the Flask framework and maintains a hit counter in Redis.

Docker — Cilium 1.3.0 documentation

via Docker’s libnetwork plugin interface, if networking is to be managed by the Docker runtime. This method is used, for example, by Docker Compose . To run Cilium with Docker’s libnetwork, it needs a single logical Docker network of type cilium with an IPAM-driver of type cilium .

Getting Started Securing Kafka — Cilium 1.3.0 documentation

Getting Started Securing Kafka¶. This document serves as an introduction to using Cilium to enforce Kafka-aware security policies. It is a detailed walk-through of getting a single-node Cilium environment running on your machine.

Getting Started Using Mesos/Marathon — Cilium 1.3.0

Getting Started Using Mesos/Marathon run Cilium with the help of Docker compose, and start up the Mesos master and slave services. When the script completes successfully, it will print: v1.3 v1.2 v1.1 v1.0 pr-fix-documentation-links doc-1.0 Downloads pdf htmlzip epub

Getting Started with Docker — Ansible Documentation

The IP address to assign to ansible_host when the container’s SSH port is mapped to interface ‘’. Configuration File ¶ Using a configuration file provides a means for defining a set of Docker APIs from which to build an inventory.

Docker Compose | Docker Documentation

Compose Overview; Install Compose; Getting Started; Get started with Django; Get started with Rails; Get started with WordPress; Get started with Drupal; Frequently asked questions; Command-line reference; Compose file reference; Environment file; To see a detailed list of changes for past and current releases of Docker Compose, refer to the CHANGELOG.

Compose file version 3 reference | Docker Documentation

Link to containers started outside this docker-compose.yml or even outside of Compose, especially for containers that provide shared or common services. external_links follow semantics similar to the legacy option links when specifying both the container name and the link alias ( CONTAINER:ALIAS ).

Troubleshooting — Cilium 1.3.0 documentation

This document describes how to troubleshoot Cilium in different deployment modes. It focuses on a full deployment of Cilium within a datacenter or public cloud. If you are just looking for a simple way to experiment, we highly recommend trying out the Getting Started Guides instead.