Iconic Locations from Movies and TV Shows Set in NYC

Iconic Locations from Movies and TV Shows Set in NYC

Even if it’s your first time visiting New York City, some sites will probably look familiar to you since many of them have been made famous as popular movie and TV filming locations. While The Cosby Show was set in Brooklyn Heights and filmed live in film studios, the actual building used for the exterior shots of the Huxtable home is located

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These are the scenes that inspire pilgrimages, and are to blame, at least partially, for inflating NYC’s population to an all-time high: The 25 Most Iconic New York Scenes in Movie History.

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From Seinfeld and Friends to Girls and Broad City, take a look back at the most iconic TV shows set in New York City.

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New York is the home of countless television shows we (still) binge watch on Netflix. Although many of the moments occur on set, the name-dropped venues do actually exist in real life. From Gossip

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New York City is the most filmed city in the world. From Seinfeld to Gossip Girl, here are some of the most iconic filming locations in New York. Homecoming, where the ferry scene is even one of the film’s biggest set pieces. by after all. But these famous locations, seen in many beloved movies and TV shows, should give you a good

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New York City is a true gem and these TV shows capture that perfectly. Sections. Locations. Europe Iconic TV Shows Set In New York City. Taylor Haacke. Updated: 19 December 2016 Tina Fey is an iconic working New Yorker, known for her role as head writer,

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25 Iconic Film Locations in New York City . The Warriors is a very engrossing cult film based on an ancient Greek military story and set in modern day (1970’s) New York, but I want to show that New York’s love of the movies extends back to the silent era. In this shot, Charlie Chaplin, one of legendary silent film actors and directors

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While film and television shoots have increasingly sought out more obscure spots in NYC, these iconic film locations will stand the test of time.

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On Location Tours’ NYC TV & Movie Tour, will lead you to New York City’s best filming locations! On this guided sightseeing bus tour you will see over 60 NYC locations featured in your favorite TV shows and movies.

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While many major films shoot on a closed sound stage, sometimes productions venture out into the real world to create movie magic. Here are 15 locations from famous films that you can actually visit.

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New York TV and Movie Tour From On Location Tours Movies And TV Shows Set in NYC Things To Do The Best of New York City With Teens Things To Do Walking Tour of Central Park in New York City Filming Locations Things To Do Tour Your Favorite Movie and TV Show Locations …

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The ultimate guide to famous film locations in New York City. Greatest New York Film Scenes. On the Set of New York.com presents a collection of the most famous, distinguished, unforgettable and memorable film scenes shot in New York City. TV shows, commercials and even a few music videos. The three doors that the Ghostbusters walk through

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In TV and movies set in New York City, main characters have regular hangout spots. We’ve rounded up five iconic pop culture landmarks in NYC. If you’ve seen a movie or TV show set in New York City, odds are that the main characters have a regular hangout spot that exists in real life.

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New York City is the most populous city in the United States, and the centre of the New York metropolitan area, which is among the most populous urban areas in the world. A leading global city, New York exerts a powerful influence over worldwide commerce, finance, culture, fashion and entertainment.