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May 19, 1995 · Billy Crystal’s «Forget Paris» is a more or less deliberate attempt to repeat the success of «When Harry Met Sally . . .,» his 1989 romantic comedy. Its ingredients look as if they were devised to appeal to all audiences: This is the first film to find a way to combine professional basketball with April in Paris. By all rights, the movie should be a pale imitation of its betters, but sometimes


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Audience Reviews for Forget Paris. ½ Billy Crystal writes, directs, and stars in this utterly charming and fun romantic comedy. It’s a bit of a mix of When Harry Met Sally with some doses of


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Forget Paris is essentially a light comedy, and Billy Crystal is a brilliant guy. Debra Winger is amiable and graceful and many funny dialogues are as original as …

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Paris is more of a side-note, but the location shots combined with the perfect music ( If you know Billy Crystal, you would know that he selected the music.) set the stage for a fun time. So if you like basketball, classic jazz, and screwball comedy, you will love Forget Paris.

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Forget Paris Review By Christopher Null It’s a shame that so many romantic comedies are in current release, because inevitably, something good is going to be …

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A rather sour romantic comedy starring Billy Crystal, who also directs, opposite the hugely talented Debra Winger, who deserves better as always.