What is the best way to connect islands together in Minecraft?

What is the best way to connect islands together in Minecraft?

Cobblestone might be the best bet as you always have a surplus. Make sure the bridge is well lit so hostile mobs don’t spawn on it. You could set up doors at either end to keep mobs off it too.

The simplest approach is to build a bridge.
You’ll need to build up far enough (at least 3 blocks above water level) to ensure that you have clearance for your boat before building across.Best answer · 23
Ok, so I recently outlined how to make sign-roofs underwater, they can also be used to create nice long tunnels underwater. Ladders can be used as well, but you wouldn’t want to walk next to them as you’ll constantly be tugged up into the water. Of the two options, ladders require less wood:16
I’m not sure on the «best» way, since that’s a fairly ambiguous term but I can think of three different methods:
1) Build a bridge: this could either be a really simply bridge, basically just a straight line – nothing fancy; or you could make a more complex bridge.9
Obligatory suggestion: railways.
Assuming you’re in multiplayer, make two bridges (avoid using dirt, for it enables sheeps and pigs to spawn; use cobblestone instead), then build two railway rings onto them. One goes strictly clockwise, another goes strictly counterclockwise.6
Why not simply make an elevated bridge? That way boats can still pass under, but you can quickly walk between islands as well. If you’re not much for aesthetics, you should easily be able to find enough resources to make a dirt or cobblestone bridge assuming it’s a reasonably short distance.5Some scuba diving and careful counting can make underwater tunnels viable. It’s easy to get confused and miscount, so you want to give yourself a margin.
If you’re trying this:
Mark your start location. 4
I’m going to take a different approach to this question than most probably would and suggest building an EATS Road.
EATS, standing for Etho’s Advanced Transportation System, is a boat-based road system. It was developed by YouTube user EthosLab, who is well known on the Minecraft Forums for building amazing mechanisms.4
I suggest using an elevated bridge at minimum 3 blocks high from the water surface. Build it at the point where it is as straight as possible, the shortest distance you can achieve. Railways are a nice help and recommended to make travel faster.1

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