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I really fucking hate social media. • r/depression – reddit

social media is a bunch of people craving for attention and trying hard to make others believe their lives are very fucking interesting, fuck that permalink embed

Get rid of it. I did, and I don’t miss it. At all.Best answer · 113I just watched a really interesting lecture online about how people manipulate social media and «edit» their lives to appear happier than their peers. I firmly believe this because I do this. I put up countless pictures of my family, our home our new stuff but in reality my husband and I haven’t been in a great place, my son has autism and it’s made everyday so challenging, our house is rented and we can barely afford it but it was all we could get on short notice. I put up this facade that I’m this stress free, happily married motivated mom who has her shit together and I’m not that. Basically what I’m trying to say is those people have their own issues too. I don’t want to minimize what you’re experiencing but just know that their lives are edited and that everyone has things they hide. I know it’s hard not to but when you compare yourself to them, your comparing yourself to something that doesn’t really exist that way.73Facebook literally gave me so much anxiety that I deleted it, especially after my ex dumped me. I had to see pictures/statuses of him progressing in life while i was being a pathetic shit still living with my mom. I have a work account for Facebook so I have to go on it sometimes, but just seeing the home page makes my palms sweat and i get nauseated, and then start thinking about my ex and what he must be doing and how his life must be way better than mine. i hate this whole «don’t compare your behind the scenes with someone’s highlight reel,» because, well, a lot of the people i knew on Facebook, their behind the scenes WAS their highlight reel. like my ex for instance, a guy i knew inside and out and lived with, he has a great family, amazing friends, great career and money, gets to travel, he really never had a complaint about life when we were together. so i had to see all that after we broke up, and i have none of that. and then there’s the people who say «lol why do people hate seeing other people’s accomplishments on facebook? why can’t you just be happy for them?» i am happy for them, but it really makes you reflect on your own life (and i feel like people who say this quote must have a great life too and not know what it’s like). it’s like someone waving a winning lottery ticket in your face when you’ve been trying to win the lottery every day for the past ten years. i deactivated my facebook a year ago, and i do miss it, honestly. i want to know what my ex is up to. i want to find inspiration from my friends doing things (for example, see a picture of a friend going skydiving, then i would be like holy shit! i need to try that adds to bucket list ). i miss not keeping in contact with coworkers who quit or old friends. but i don’t think the anxiety that facebook gives me is worth it.12Get rid of Facebook now! I did 2 years ago and guess what.. There is so much life outside of Facebook . I thought it was going to be so hard! Like you I was comparing baby announcements and asking God why not me. I fell into a deep depression and told my friends. Her response, «you’re depressed? Wow wouldn’t have guessed because your social media says otherwise» . That answer told me everything I needed to know. That social media is a facade. My dear friend would rather look at my Facebook to get a sense of how I’m doing rather than text and call me. People can alter anything on fb. For an experiment before I left fb, I posted that I went to Jamaica. Found pictures online.. Made statuses. Everyone was like wow you’re living the life. I was in my basement. This just comes to show you, don’t believe anything you see from that site. Some may be true, but 85% of it is all lies. Twitter and snapchat are better .17What you are saying about «can’t even be a regular boring person» is not what is wrong with you but is wrong with modern Western culture. So much pressure is put on unimportant things. They measure your «success» in the wrong ways. Success isn’t finding a partner or earning lots of money or doing well at school. In the end none of those things will matter. You have to find something you love and do it. Whether that is cooking, looking after people, music, working with your hands, whatever anything just find something and do it. Finding whatever that is won’t be easy but the point is don’t let stupid cultural goals get in the way of what really matters.8I really feel you, social media has just opened doors to make someone’s life even more harder as all we do is compare our lives to other peoples lives. I feel as though even though I’m doing stuff in my life I’m an utter failure as a person so I totally understand where you’re coming from. I wish I had the cure but frankly I’m suffering the same and I’m socially awkward or an introvert to give you tips on how to get friends as I only have one myself haha adult life’s the best -.-6I recently deleted my Facebook because a former group of mine were about to return from India and I didn’t think I’d be able to handle seeing photos of how much they enjoyed it when I didn’t go. I realized that Facebook was somewhat large part of my life so I’m glad that I deleted it when I did.6As someone who has and is still dealing with an inferiority complex that is due to social media and numerous other things, my advice is delete it. It is a huge weight off your shoulders when your mind is not focused on stuff that increases self loathing. It’s tough at first, but after a week or so, you stop caring about it. On to your part about having to be someone One thing I learned from being in crisis recovery from someone who is basically the big sister I never had was this «If you play life to anyone else’s rules, but your own, you will never be living YOUR life». You don’t have to be «someone» to succeed. Do what you want. Because if you do what YOU want and set your own rules, you will be truly free. No gods, no masters.4This is 100% exactly how I feel. I deleted my facebook and created a new one which I only use to follow musicians and pages that I like, so I don’t have to deal with seeing meaningless people enjoying their lives. It honestly feels so much better to not have to see that shit on a day to day basis and only things that I’m interested in/care about. You should try it.5Facebook is toxic, I’ve pretty much quit it for good. Nowadays I only use it to communicate with one friend of mine, I care not for what’s on my feed, I just jump straight to the private group that I’ve made for me and my friend. We still post funny or interesting stuffs there and that’s about it, we also ‘complain’ about our lives there Facebook is filled with too much misinformation and shallowness, that’s my reason for quitting it.4

‘F*ck the Media’: Morgan Freeman Goes Off on Cable News

Freeman observed that in most serious situations when the media is covering live events, all CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC do is just throw out take after take after take, and “CNN wants to be pure


The maknstream media hate this country, hate freedom, hate responsibility, hate pride, hate the truth, hate LIFE. God Bless Trump and Trump voters. All these libtards 99 % don’t realuze they are pawns of the international bankers and arrogant power-lusting politicians.

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