Urban Dictionary: almond milk

Urban Dictionary: almond milk

sent in separate letters but said out loud normally , this is a code word for someone who blabs to get what they want and is sneakier than a sea snake.They lie and spread shit about people to make them seem better than anyone else.

Urban Dictionary: Almond

In middle eastern cultures, the almond is a symbol of the vagina. In addition, almond can refer to the part of the brain called the amygdala, which translates to «almond.»The amygdala is important in very basic emotions of aggression and fight or flight.However, studies have also demonstrated the importance of the amygdala in sexual arousal.

Urban Dictionary: almond eyes

An asian person who’s eyes resemble almonds. 1: «my optical receptors have fallen too heavy to speak intelectually . i have somneriferious almond eyes» 2: «dude man you’re so stoned you lookin through a pair of fawkin almond eyes»

Urban Dictionary: almond palmer

A mix of almond milk and lemonade, at room temp.

Urban Dictionary: #almond milk

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What does Rice Milk mean in Urban Dictionary?

Vanilla Rice Milk!!The rice, oil seeds and vanilla used to make rice milk are typically organically cultivated, organic farmers operate in balance with natural systems to promote the virility of this earth additionally the health insurance and vigor of crops.Rice milk manufacturers make an effort to create healthy food choices in a sustainable fashion by avoiding all herbicides and also the

What does coconut milk mean in Urban Dictionary?

October 9, 2018 Urban Dictionary Link to this page feminine ejaculatory liquid;unlike cow’s milk, it’s semi-transparent.Arrives in 4 flavours, like lemon juice, or sugar, or vinegar, or toffee.Usually several squirts, can complete 1/4 cup (far more than semen).All flavours taste great.

Almond Milk – The Urban Daddy®

2 cups Almond Milk, from Almond Breeze. I like the unsweetened, my son likes the sweetened ones, and before we got to make our first smoothie, he had polished off the chocolate Almond Milk, and by the end of the week, the Vanilla was gone too.