I don’t like when ANGRY JOE likes a game.

I don’t like when ANGRY JOE likes a game. | IGN Boards

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What games would you like for Angry Joe to review

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Angry Joe thinks his Community has Changed, not his

Joe was where I went to first to find out info on new game reviews, after I got tired of the crap Gamespot.Com we’re putting up on their site, but that doesn’t mean he has to make the same content. The first few movie reviews were good and a pleasant change of pace, but it does feel that the angry reviews are just too much aggro for him to make now.

Joe doesn’t need to do Angry Reviews anymore. He just

So here’s my suggestion for Joejust do game reviews! Not Angry reviews with the whole hog of costumes, funny bits, etc. Just show gameplay with his review commentary over it. Similar in style to maybe ACG Gaming.

Angry Joe: Hey Joe Wanna Play A Zombie Game? – YouTube

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Why Youtubers Like Angry Joe Are Boycotting Nintendo Games

During his rant, Angry Joe has a really cynical but funny discussion where he’s like «Maybe I should just pay Nintendo for recommending this game to my friend at all.» It’s so dumb. It’s also sad that Nintendo so frequently gets a pass on this type of behaviour just because they’re so loved.

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Why do people hate YouTube reviewers like Angry Joe and

I mean the reviewers like Angry Joe, not those «let’s play» people like Pewdiepie. To my understanding i thought Pewdiepie was ment to appel to the younger youtubers. Yes, but this thread is not about Pewdiepie, I am talking about the freelance reviewers like AngryJoe and Total Biscuit.

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Angry Joe is a contributor on That Guy with the Glasses, primarily in Blistered Thumbs. He is known for being over the top, and often for being more crazy than angry. Contents[show] Angry Joe Show The Angry Joe Show is a sketch comedy show that presents the latest gaming news, previews, and

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Youtube hate – AngryJoeShow – Angry Army [AJSA]

Jul 26, 2017 · Seriously no one is forcing you to watch anything, If you don’t like the series or the new format Joe has, don’t watch It. That would send a loud and clear message, that YOU don’t LIKE It, from then on It’s HIS choice wether to CONTINUE or to drop It.

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Mar 24, 2015 · DistortedColors said: I like Angry Joe. Just because you don’t agree with his opinion doesn’t make him a idiot, at least he isn’t scared to talk bad about a game.There is a difference in talking bad because the game is bad, and giving a bad review based on lies because you don’t like the game. And Joe as a reviewer is just plain crap.

Angry Joe is now the supreme overlord in reviewing video

Feb 29, 2012 · [QUOTE=»PinnacleGamingP»]amalur review was the best. hes funny, but he spoils things in games alot of times, like all reviewers. another problem is …

AngryJoe – EA’s Press Conference E3 2017 Review – YouTube

Jun 10, 2017 · AngryJoe Grades EA’s Press Conference and breaks down the Games, The Meme’s and the future for EA’s Star Wars stuff! Forgot to mention the surprising lack of …

News: Capcom Censors ‘Angry Joe’ Street Fighter V Video

Don’t bring up that bs about military bases…if you had no internet connection you out the disc in the drive like you do today problem solved. Also don’t bring up trading in or selling games because that would have been simple too.