How Daylin Leach’s Trump insult “shitgibbon” rose to prominence.

How Daylin Leach’s Trump insult “shitgibbon” rose to

Pennsylvania state senator Daylin Leach got a lot of attention this week for a colorful expletive hurled at Donald Trump, appearing on Leach’s Facebook and Twitter feeds.

What Is a Shit-Gibbon? Daylin Leach’s Trump Insult Demands

The third calls it a “general insult.” All three examples for usage of the term reference Donald Trump. The Urban Dictionary entries seem to exist thanks to a tweet from back in January.

Jane Goodall on the ‘shocking’ damage Donald Trump has

Trump is removing regulations and Obama-era policies that are ineffective and a waste of money. The results so far have led to reduced carbon emissions. Meanwhile, countries with so called pro-environment leaders like Canada, France, and Germany along with the worlds biggest polluter, China, continue to increase carbon emission levels.

Top responsesRedditJane on Reddit last year: «Secondly, the human brain. We have this extraordinary weapon. We are finally beginning to use it to create clean green energy … read more179 votesJane has probably seen primates smarter than Cheeto48 votesShe was on Preston and Steve in Philly to discuss this very thing. It was really sad that a woman as old as she is has to be the driving force in voicing opposition … read more10 votesTrump drained the swamp and turned it into a toxic waste dump.4 votesIts time for everyone to speak up and condemn him on the damage he is doing to the planet.2 votesRepublican party, Jane. Don’t be stupid and just blame the symptom.3 votesSee all

US Senator Calls Trump a «fascist loofa-faced shit gibbon

#shitgibbon trending. 1 Ceffer ignore (1) 2017 Feb 10, 1:30am ↑ like (0) ↓ dislike (0) quote flag This sounds like a promotion.

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Loving the new #Avalanches #wildflower. it’s like the other bookend to a loooong shelf of 10 years of my life. Yes it was 10 years ago! Yes it was 10 years ago! 0 replies 0 retweets 1 like

Golden State Warriors meet Nancy Pelosi after declining

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Top responsesRedditThey should still send Draymond over to the White House in some steel toed boots.1.1K votesI mean, if Democrats come out and vote November and pence gets caught up in all this867 votesIf anyone truly thinks Trump isn’t offended by sports teams not wanting to visit the White House then they’re delusional to the maximum capacity. An ego as big … read more512 votesStill think it would have been funny if they would have went to Obama’s house and played a pick up game or had a BBQ.349 votesGOP candidates’ political ads have been looking to cement Pelosi as the new Hillary boogeyman. Im sure they’ll go after her more fervently now.285 votesBay Area team meets with Bay Area congresswoman.234 votesSee all

Penn. Senator Daylin Leach Just Bitch-Slapped Trump After

In short, Trump threatened to «destroy [the] career» of the unnamed state senator who opposed asset forfeiture. Well, today we know the unnamed senator is Pennsylvania State Senator Daylin Leach.

Sen. Daylin Leach’s ‘gibbon’ Trump tweet still shaking up

Sen. Daylin Leach’s tweets calling President Donald Trump a ‘fascist, loofa-faced s—-gibbon’ shows power of social media to ignite and scorch political discourse.

Daylin Leach: Pa Senator Calls Trump A ‘Fascist, Loofa

Feb 09, 2017 · Trump Daylin Leach More Pennsylvania state Senator Daylin Leach is drawing some criticism today after posting some heated words against Donald Trump via his Twitter account.

Alec Baldwin returns to SNL this weekend and promises it

Feb 10, 2017 · Trump did it again! he bested Obama and GW in the polls: ===== Only 29% of Americans think Trump is respected in the world Sad! Respect is a big deal to Donald Trump, who likes to cut a macho figure in the public arena and who frequently criticized his predecessor in office for failing to be respected by foreign leaders.

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