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For simple good sweet/creamy mango flavor, capella. If you are willing to enhance it with other sweet fruits and creams (or other mango flavors taking a dominate role), fa mango is very realistic but can be tiresome to work with.

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Mango by Flavorah Brilliant real fruit mango is highly potent and effective for ripe and sweet mango notes. Try this flavor with Yakima hops if you are trying to make it a less-ripe green mango.


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Mango by Jungle Flavors. Flavor Description: For taste, the nectarine, peach and apricot fall far short. Sunset colors on the outside, juicy, golden flesh and a honeyed taste balanced by a tinge of acidity


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Yea, I’ve tried capella sweet mango and it tastes more like those mango nectar drinks you can find in a hispanic grocery. If you could add a little acidity to it and something that resembles the slightly piney flavor from the skin it’d be more realistic.

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Mango Flavor E-Juice is a flavor of the yellowish-red tropical fruit and it’s typically a dominant flavor when it comes to the world of e liquids. The delightful flavor of mango ejuices are normally found with other tropical fruit, however; you can find this amazing flavor in candy, dessert and even menthol.

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10 days ago · For a DIY e-juice, this can be pretty much any flavor, so long as the flavoring concentrate is water-soluble. nicotine, and mango concentrate are the four ingredients I used for my homemade

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The worldwide renowned sweet flavor of ripe Mango needs no introduction. Add a drop or two of this concentrated Mango flavor to your DIY e-juice recipe and vape yourself a taste of the tropics. Mixed with other flavors, Mango works well as a tropical base, so we recommend trying it with coconut, citrus, or tropical fruit flavors.


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Oh My Mango. | DIY E liquid by All The Flavors. Toggle navigation All The Flavors. Flavors; I turned this already-delicious recipe into the best mango e-juice I’ve ever tasted. TOS / Cookies Cancel / Refund Fonts By Flaticon. About All The Flavors. All the flavors is a premium app for android and the web that allows you to mix your own

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Eliquid with or without nicotine including DIY E-Juice vapor is considered a tobacco product and age restricted by local state law. Vape box mods and related vaping hardware offered by Central Vapors is intended for use by persons of legal vaping age with valid photo id.

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Sweet, juicy and bursting with flavor are just some of the ways to describe our incredible Mango E-Juice. Will I like it? This juice is a tropical flavor must-have. Tantalize your taste buds with the famed taste of Mango, that creates the perfect balance between sugary sweet and pleasantly tart.


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I made this and the mango was very, very overpowering and overpowered every other flavor. Mind u I vape on an eGo 650, 950 and 2200 mah batts with bottom filler tanks, but at the same time, I still think the mango was way too much.

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Mango DIY flavor concentrate will tantalize your tastebuds. This refreshing tropical flavor provides a lasting sweet and succulent vape with a pleasant albeit slight lingering tartness. Enjoy as a stand-alone flavor or combine with other fruits to create a vape juice with an exotic twist.