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It is related to T. rex and can sport multiple beards. The official bird of Thanksgiving has plenty of juicy secrets that go beyond its pairing with cranberry sauce and stuffing.

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10 Terrific Facts About Stephen King. BY Stacy Conradt. STEPHEN KING AND HIS WIFE, TABITHA, OWN A RADIO STATION. Freaking Out About Your Turkey? Ask Alexa for Help.

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10 Amazing, Fun & Interesting Facts About Turkey. Turkey, officially known as Republic of Turkey is a country located in the Western Asia. It is surrounded by Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, Armenia, Iran, Azerbaijani exclave of Nakhchivan, Iraq, Syria, Mediterranean Sea, Aegean Sea and the Black Sea.

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Enjoy these ten facts about turkeys. 1. Shock of all shocks – Benjamin Franklin did not actually recommend the wild turkey to be the symbol of America. His official suggestion in 1776 was an image of Moses and Pharaoh. He did, however, mention the turkey in a letter to his daughter, after the bald eagle was chosen to be the symbol of America.


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terrific turkey facts Gobble up some turkey science with your holiday meal 10. 10 9 8 7 neurotransmitter in the brain that helps regulate sleep. However, all meat contains tryptophan at comparable levels. Other tryptophan-rich foods include cheese, nuts and shellfish.

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Interesting facts about Turkeys: Where did they come from? The ancient Aztecs domesticated another subspecies, M. Gallapavo the south Mexican wild turkey, and the …

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The male turkey, or gobbler, or tom, may be 130 cm (50 inches) long and weigh 10 kg (22 pounds), though average weight is less. Female turkeys, or hens, generally weigh only half as much as the males and have less warty heads than do the males. Domesticated strains of the common turkey, developed for their fine-tasting flesh, may be much heavier.

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Turkey is one of the few countries where domestic films rake in more at the box office than Hollywood’s offerings, and its movies and television series are a major soft-power export in the Middle East. 15. A new type of plant is discovered every 10 days.

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1 ) Turkeys are more than just big chickens–more than 45 million years of evolution separates the two species.. 2 ) The wild turkey was hunted nearly to extinction by the early 1900s, when the

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Leftover turkey gets a boost in this tetrazzini variation–turkey in a creamy mushroom sauce is mixed with cooked spaghetti, topped with Parmesan cheese, and baked until …