Urban Dictionary: Dat Boy

Urban Dictionary: Dat Boy

a gangstalicious person. «dat boy» is the true embodiment of a G. usually hails from massachusetts.

Urban Dictionary: Dat Boy, Dat Guy, Dat Dude

a title given to person of extraordinary prestige usu. someone who is known for getting things done.

Urban Dictionary: dat boi

A meme featuring a frog on a unicycle. Followed up by «oh shit, waddup!» Internet meme originating on 4chan and widespread on iFunny, tumblr, and reddit. It’s a picture of a frog on a unicycle with the caption: «here comes dat boi!», followed by, «oh shit waddup!»

Urban Dictionary: Crank Dat Soulja Boy

basically a dance made by black people that makes white people look like fucking retards. other dances associated are spidaman dat hoe, crank dat roosevelt, walk it out, the snapping of fingers, stuff like that

Urban Dictionary: dat

Originally from the expression dat ass, in which the targeted female derriere is said to induce an emotional response of amazement and/or attraction. The same principle applies, except the ‘ass’ is replaced by whatever object is source of the impression. Plural version can also be …

What does crank dat mean in Urban Dictionary?

What does crank dat mean in Urban Dictionary? September 9, 2018 Urban Dictionary. Link to this page. tune that is leading to the retardation of america by Tari Report definition; Alternative meaning, popularized because of the the Soulja Boy track of the identical title. Crank dat refers to …

Urban Dictionary: Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy is a perfect example of the rapid decline in the educational standards of the American music industry. Soulja Boy is also an example of the rapid decline in modern hip hop/rap. With his new and only hit single «Crank Dat» reaching the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100, Soulja Boy has also become the number one most hated rapper.

Urban Dictionary: the boys

a savage group of young men that attend Bellarmine College preparatory. They live by the line SAFTB