Urban Dictionary: weed dust

Urban Dictionary: weed dust

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Urban Dictionary: weed

A showtime series that portrays the life of a woman who is forced to sell marijuana in order to pay for her expensive lifestyle after her husband dies. It takes place in the town of Agrestic where everyone is very boring and exactly the same.

Urban Dictionary: dust

«I must have been smoking dust last night, because I thought we were fine those first couple of days.» A line from author Juno Diaz, in his book «This is How You Lose Her»

Urban Dictionary: Angel Dust

Angel Dust is the street name for the drug Phencyclidine (). PCP one of the most dangerous drugs you can get/take. It is very powerful, it can alter people’s state of mind and personality, some people are completely unrecognisable while under the influence of PCP.

Urban Dictionary: dust

DUST 1. Fine, dry particles of matter. 2. A cloud of fine, dry particles. 3. Particles of matter regarded as the result of disintegration: fabric that had fallen to dust over the centuries. 4. 1. Earth, especially when regarded as the substance of the grave: “ashes to ashes, dust to dust” (Book of Common Prayer). 2.

Urban Dictionary: keef

The powdery substance made up of THC crystals from the bud of cannabis. It’s basically the Cheetos dust that gets left behind on your fingers after finishing a bag of chips, but in this case, with weed.

Urban Dictionary: dusted

The act of being ‘dusted’ or killed by Thanos’ ‘snap’ at the end of Avengers: Infinity War. Spider-man got totally dusted and he didn’t wanna go . #mcu #thanos #dust #dusted #infinity war #spider-man #iron man

Urban Dictionary: Tumble Weed

Derived from the awkward silence before a cowboy shooting showdown. Now used when there’s an awkward silence. A Tumble of weed.

What does dust a blunt mean in Urban Dictionary?

November 3, 2018 Urban Dictionary Link to this page 1. virtually: The ashing of a blunt, to knock off the burned product at the end of the L. (dusting a blunt)2.

What does fairy dust mean in Urban Dictionary?

October 22, 2018 Urban Dictionary Link to this page A comical solution to refer to the pathetic quantity of kief kept in your grass sack or grinder when you are out-of marijuana.

What does Mystical Ninja Weed mean in Urban Dictionary?

A hardy brand-new indica/sativa cultivar discovered mainly into the Greenbrier area of Arkansas. Hardy buds, with saffron-colored threads, are covered in a superb, crystalline dust.