Clickhole: The Onion’s new site is more than a BuzzFeed parody.

Clickhole: The Onion’s new site is more than a BuzzFeed

The Onion has a new website, Clickhole, and if you don’t instantly recognize the target of its satirical style, you haven’t been wasting enough time on the Internet.A sampling of its headlines:

The Onion’s Amazing New BuzzFeed Parody Site That Will

In June, that will take the form of a new site, the aptly dubbed The site is meant to parody the likes of BuzzFeed, Upworthy and ViralNova, and it will be “filled with content so

Clickhole: The Onion’s parody of BuzzFeed-esque clickbait

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Top responsesRedditI am so happy the Onion decided to stick it to Buzzfeed. This is fantastic.992 votesWhere did the name ClickHole come from? Does it have any relation to the 1972 movie ClickHole starring Billy Dee Williams? The name ClickHole actually … read more468 votesr/clickholeorbuzzfeed ?267 votesOh my gods It has achievements.160 votes«10 Hilarious Chairs That Think They’re People.» This just needs inflammatory, yet trivial, Facebook comments at the end of the article and it’s perfect.79 voteshahaha from a quiz Which ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Character Are You?
NO MATCH Hm…that’s strange. You don’t seem to be any of them. That can’t be … read more55 votes
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The Onion launches BuzzFeed parody site Clickhole with ’16

After more than 25 years parodying traditional news, The Onion has launched Clickhole, a site taking aim at clickbait sites like Upworthy and Viralnova and listicle purveyors BuzzFeed.

The Onion launches Buzzfeed-like parody site ‘ClickHole

ClickHole was announced at The Onion’s NewFronts event back in April. While the site parodies the articles, videos and images disseminated by news media, The Onion’s Managing Editor Ben Berkley told Fast Company there’s another purpose. Berkley says, «For us, ClickHole is just another mirror we can hold up to society.

The Onion Creators Take You Down the ClickHole With

The Onion is taking aim at Buzzfeed and linkbait in general with a new satirical arm called ClickHole. The site, launched this morning, provides a new flavor of deadpan articles that are painfully

The Onion’s ClickHole Rebrands as PatriotHole to Parody

The Onion, a news satire organization, announced Wednesday that it has rebranded its “ClickHole” site as “PatriotHole.” The new focus seemingly spoofs conservative news sites, such as

The Onion’s Clickhole rebrands as PatriotHole to parody

Clickhole is the Onion’s online branch. Though their print paper is online now too, and they’ve been making videos for some time so the distinction is kind of meaningless. Clickhole was just meant to parody sites like Buzzfeed (and their old chief was headhunted by Buzzfeed because the internet isn’t weird enough yet).

The Onion Is Launching a BuzzFeed Parody – NYMag

The Onion Is Launching a BuzzFeed Parody By Margaret Hartmann While it recently went online-only , apparently The Onion feels it needs to do more to adequately skewer internet culture.