Is Putin trolling Trump with his shirtless vacation photos?

Is Putin trolling Trump with his shirtless vacation photos?

Putin’s latest shirtless vacation photos suggest otherwise, given that this is one of his trademark propaganda moves.

PHOTOS: Vladimir Putin’s Macho Shirtless Vacation Pics

Putin has mastered the art of the “shirtless while on vacation look how macho I am” pics to such a degree that shirtless Putin pics have been a bit of a joke. No matter. He’s at it again.

Vladimir Putin Trolls Trump With Series Of ‘Topless

Vladimir Putin Trolls Trump With Series Of ‘Topless’ Vacation Photos (IMAGES) – August 5, 2017 Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is polarizing , and that is likely putting it mildly.

Putin keeps his shirt on in photos of his Siberian summer

The Kremlin released new photos on Monday of Russian president Vladimir Putin taking a break from his official duties to go hiking in Siberia with his top security chiefs.

Why shirtless Vladimir Putin is having the last laugh

Aug 08, 2017 · After all, Americans who like Putin mainly voted for Trump. But Russia’s communication with the Western world is not about creating an attractive image. It’s about mockery and trolling.

Putin went on vacation and released a new set of shirtless

Putin’s photos were released as Trump was on the second day of his 17-day “working vacation” at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey.

Donald Trump’s vacation vs Vladimir Putin’s vacation in 8

Whilst Putin spear-fishes in a camouflage wet suit, Trump turns the steering wheel of a small golf cart with his huge muscles. Picture : ( ALEXEY NIKOLSKY /AFP/ Getty Images ) Trump took a different approach to his ‘not vacation’.

Putin Burnishes Macho Credentials in New Propaganda Pics

Russia’s presidents returns from the depths of the lake with his catch. Handout . A much parodied 2009 image showed Putin riding bare chested on horseback in the Tuva region.