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This page will tell you everything about care and cleaning of your sex toys. If you’re looking for sex toy advice, detailed posts about sex toy materials, beginner’s guides to various types of sex toys and of course to see my entire list of reviews, please check out the Toy Box page. It’s packed with info!

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4. Store them properly. You probably already have your sex toys tucked away out of sight, but you need a better place to store them than under your bed.

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Sex Toy Maintenance. Store batteries outside the vibrator; both the vibrator and the batteries will last longer. By removing batteries when the vibrator is not in use, you will …

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A toy labeled “silicone,” for example, can legally contain as little as 10% silicone. (Silicone is the gold star of sex toy materials, so companies are eager to take advantage of consumer demand.)

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About Toy Cleaning & Care Toy cleaning and care is important no matter what toys you are using. Anti-bacterial toy cleaners will help keep the toy body-safe and help to prevent the spread of illness and disease when the toy is used on multiple people.

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Care and Maintenance of Sex Toys. Important Note from the School of Hard Knocks! Do NOT store sex toys made of different materials together. We learned the hard way when some of Sue’s prop toys melted in their storage box.

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These materials are the easiest to clean – wash with soapy water, use a sex toy cleaner, throw it in the dishwasher, or boil! Other Sex Toy Safety . Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) can be passed using sex toys. So, the same rules to sex toys that apply as body parts.

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Proper sex toy maintenance can have a positive impact on both the toy and your body. Cleaning your toys with the proper techniques will make them last longer! Proper toy cleaning can have a positive impact on both the toy and your body.

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Sex toy maintenance, from self-enlightenment to wish-fulfillment – and then some! How You Treat Your Lover After an exhausting session with your favorite sex toy, you head to the bathroom to wash up.