Narcos Season 3 Trailer: The Cali Cartel Is Taking Over

Narcos Season 3 Trailer: The Cali Cartel Is Taking Over

Aug 03, 2017 · The new trailer for season three of Netflix’s “Narcos” shows law enforcement at war with the Cali Cartel, one of the largest drug organizations in history.

‘Narcos’ Season 3: Cali Cartel Takes Over Drug Trade

Pascal, who played the role of Javier Pena, hinted that the efforts of the Cali Cartel to take over New York will release the floodgates of the cocaine trade in the country. Cali Cartel will be one of the focus of the new season of «Narcos,» according to showrunner Eric Newman.

Narcos Season 3 Trailer: The Cali Cartel Is Taking Over

Narcos Season 3 Trailer: The Cali Cartel Is Taking Over rival ( 66 ) in blog • last year The thing about drug kingpins is that if you take one down, there is pretty much always going to be another one ready to rise up and take his or her place atop the big, white, powdery mountain.

‘Narcos’ Season 3: Review, Premiere Date, Cast, and Trailer

Narcos season 3 trailer The Narcos season 3 trailer dropped Aug. 3, and it’s every bit as intense as you would expect. And yes, that’s Gabriel Iglesias in the opening barbershop sequence.

Narcos season 3: Who are the Cali Cartel, ‘the most

Sep 01, 2017 · Watch video · NARCOS season 3 picks up after the death of drug lord Pablo Escobar, with the Cali Cartel taking over Colombia’s drug trade. Express. Home of …

‘Narcos’ Season 3 update: Cali Cartel as the new villains

«Narcos» season 3 will focus on the new Cali Cartel that has replaced the Medellin Cartel of Pablo Escobar (Wagner Moura). The upcoming season is set to air on September 1. Aside from the Release Date, an official trailer for the series has also been revealed.

Narcos season 3 trailer introduces Cali Cartel – OK! Magazine

NARCOS’ season three sees the rise of a new empire as the Cali Cartel take over.

‘Narcos’ Season 3 Official Trailer Released, Upcoming

Narcos Season 3, the drug cartel drama inspired by true events, is set after the reign of Pablo Escobar, which is why there is going to be a major shift in the storyline. With Escobar’s era coming to an end, the focus will be on the Cali Cartel and the four key people behind it.

Narcos Season 3 Spoilers: Gilberto and the Cali Cartel

The war on drugs has not come to an end just yet as Netflix has renewed the popular cartel drama for two new seasonsm despite the on-screen retelling of the death of Escobar. The show’s Season 3 trailer teases that Gilberto (Damian Alcazar) might be taking over.

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Narcos: Season 3 (Trailer) The Cali Cartel godfathers run their drug operation seamlessly. Nevertheless, Javier Peña is determined to take down Escobar’s successors. The hunt for Pablo seems to be over after he makes a deal with the government, but Murphy and Peña — and the Cali Cartel — have other plans. Peña plans another covert

The Cali Cartel From ‘Narcos’ Is Real & Season 3 Will

As a teaser trailer released by Netflix for Narcos Season 3 (that was fast) puts it, “The blow must go on.” In real life, it certainly did, with help from the Cali Cartel, which the Netflix