Urban Dictionary: mischa barton

Urban Dictionary: Mischa

Mischa is pretty hot .She is also the nicest girl you will ever meet.She will always denial about how beautiful she is. But she breath taking.Mischa’s always have beautiful brown eyes,with there lovely brown hair.

Urban Dictionary: mischa barton

Fairly attractive actress best known for her role on the OC. The only other place I’ve seen her was in The Sixth Sense. She’s the dead girl that got killed by her mother. Word is she has an eating disorder, and ironically, her first appearance in The Sixth Sense shows her scaring the crap out of Cole Sear due to the green stuff pouring from her mouth.

Urban Dictionary: mischa barton

mischa barton unknown An ugly, non talent girl, who looks like a forty year old woman, and sounds like a man. «Wow, that forty two year old smoking waste looks and sounds like Mischa Barton !»

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Urban Dictionary: mischa barton diet

mischa barton diet food Snorting a line of cocaine off of a penis before performing oral sex . Wow, that girl just did the Mischa Barton diet in the back of the club !

Urban Dictionary: Misch

misch: noun. A kid who is always cool and really funny. The kid may have friends who think they can beat-box and dance, but really can’t. The typical misch doesn’t let such people bother them.

What does mischa barton mean in Urban Dictionary?

November 16, 2018 Urban Dictionary Link to this page Ugly.(extended because UD will need at the least 3 words: Mischa Barton is pale, skinny and lacks any real sex attract any style of …

Urban Dictionary: mischief!

The coolest tag in Wales possibly the world. Taken from the greatest film in the world Fight Club. Mischief! is an off spring of Mischief! Mayhem! Soap! The first of …

What does Pup’n’Taco mean in Urban Dictionary?

What does Pup’n’Taco mean in Urban Dictionary? October 21, 2018 Urban Dictionary. Link to this page. In the event that you remember the PNT – you will be a lot more OC than Mischa Barton could ever desire to be. by Isabelle Musante Report definition; View More. 40 votes. Share it.

What does lost and delirious mean in Urban Dictionary?

What does lost and delirious mean in Urban Dictionary?: a film around three WOMEN which two of those are bi plus one is Mischa Barton.; a breathtaking story of …

What does Marlboro lights mean in Urban Dictionary?

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Mischa Barton has been kind of a trainwreck so when she posted a bikini picture to discuss the Alton Sterling shooting we shouldn’t have been terribly surprised. Which is why, less than two weeks later I am not surprised in the least that one of her fellow Hollywood trainwrecks Lindsay Lohan did what she did.

Mischa Barton Smoked Out — Just a ‘Rollie’ | TMZ.com

Feb 17, 2010 · Mischa Barton admitted what she was curiously puffing on the other day telling us last night outside of Byron & Tracey salon in Beverly Hills, it was nothing more than «a …

Complicated Sex Positions, As Explained By Urban Dictionary

Of all the strange little corners of the internet, Urban Dictionary is one of my favorites. If you’re unfamiliar with it, it’s like a Wikipedia of improbable sex acts, slang for drugs that no one over the age of 12 will recognize, and video game culture terms that make even …