ISIS: Terror group lists punishments for different crimes…most are punishable by death

ISIS : Terror group lists punishments for different crimes

IS claims the list of ‘religious punishments’ is a ‘warning and deterrent’ to the kufr, or disbelievers and infidels. Many of the punishments have already been carried out by IS.

Isis publishes penal code listing amputation, crucifixion

Isis has published a penal code listing crimes punishable by amputation, stoning and crucifixion, along with a chilling vow to ensure the code is vigilantly enforced in areas under its control.

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After capturing Syria, ISIS published «Clarification [regarding] the hudud (a set of fixed punishments),» a hardline religious penal code that lists the crimes punishable by amputation, stoning, crucifixion and decapitation. The document was released alongside propaganda footage documenting the cruel punishments.

Is this graphic comparing punishments between ISIS and

Qisas crimes are also subject to fixed punishments; for example, the punishment for murder is public beheading. The murderer will only be executed, however, if all of the victim’s heirs demand it, and the family has the option to collect blood money from the defendant rather than demanding the death …

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The severest, and most degrading, of all. Women in the Islamic State, an online manifesto written by female ISIS supporters, decrees that girls can marry at age 9, and should have husbands by 16

She Doesn’t Regret Torturing Women for ISIS

Again, Umm Rashid echoes what we heard from other prisoners, that the ISIS prisons are used to indoctrinate and coerce those arrested into joining the group. “We went to the Masur neighborhood.

10 Barbaric Forms Of Punishment Still Practiced Today

Shockingly, death by burning as a form of punishment and execution continues to be used in some areas of the world. ISIS has burned hundreds of people alive, often filming the executions. In 2014, they burned alive 26-year-old Moaz al-Kasasbeh, a captured pilot from Jordan, in a horrific display of cruelty. However, it is not just ISIS.

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Another famous punishment, as mentioned, is death by stoning. This is the prescribed punishnment in some instances of adultery. As with theft, however, the crime itself is all but impossible to prove.

ISIS: New execution styles shows brutality of Islamic

Reading from a list, he declares the men are guilty of engaging in homosexual activities and should be punished by death, in accordance with Islamic State’s radical interpretation of Sharia law.

Lost sons, ISIS terror in german families [Documentary

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New ISIS Penal Code Heavy on Death Penalties, Crucifixions

New ISIS Penal Code Heavy on Death Penalties, Crucifixions document, translated and confirmed to be from the terrorist group by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), lists eleven crimes and their punishments– seven of which are death. “Highway robbery” is punishable by crucifixion, which is to say death. Ironically

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What ISIS Really Wants The Islamic State is no mere collection of psychopaths. It is a religious group with carefully considered beliefs, among them that it is a key agent of the coming apocalypse.

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The US Treasury and the State Department had designated him as a terrorist operating for radical groups. ‘His death degrades ISIL’s ability to integrate North African jihadists into the Syrian and

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The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL / ˈ aɪ s əl /), also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS / ˈ aɪ s ɪ s /), officially known as the Islamic State (IS) and by its Arabic language acronym Daesh (Arabic: داعش ‎ dāʿish, IPA: [ˈdaːʕɪʃ]), is a Salafi jihadist militant group and former unrecognised proto-state that follows a fundamentalist, Salafi doctrine of Sunni Islam.

Originated as: Jama’at al-Tawhid wal-Jihad (1999)