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«End Him Rightly» is an expression translated from the ca. 1430s MS KK5013 German fencing manual, which recommends unscrewing the pommel of a bladed weapon to throw at an opponent prior to executing them with a sword. In late 2014, the tactic was popularized in …

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Dec 05, 2014 · If you want to mess ’em up, unscrew your pommel and throw it! Wait what?? This is a really strange «technique» shown in manuscript KK5013, which is part of the Gladiatoria, a German series of

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«If you want to end him rightly, hold your spear and sword together on your arm, unscrew the pommel of your sword and throw it at him vigorously.» Thus says an old fighting manuscript from the 1400s. When Skallagrim, a YouTuber on medieval sword art, brought this up, a new meme was born.

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Bashing with the pommel was a normal, widely used technique, nobody speculates whether it was used in close combat or not, it was, 100% used. «End him rightly» is …

Top responsesReddithighest quality meme286 votesfor those who dont know, «ending him rightly» includes you unscrewing the pommel of the sword and throwing it at the enemy while closing in with your … read more249 votesI’d pay for a pommel throwing execution. I’d pay quite a bit.86 votesT H R E A D E D P O M M E L69 votesDo you get a set bonus if you combine it with a blade that has an extra flat strong?15 votesI don’t get it :(18 votesSee all

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‘End Him Rightly’ Turns Centuries-Old Dueling Technique

“End him rightly” is still not a mainstream or “normie” meme that you’re likely to find on Facebook, and even dank meme teens on Reddit haven’t discovered it yet.

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The meme in question of course the whole “end him rightly” phrase that became popular after a video by Skallagrim in December 2014. To give him his due, he didn’t try to make it a meme, he was simply highlighting an interesting and unusual technique that he found in a translation of a 15th century source.

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May 16, 2016 · So if anyone has looked up sword techniques on youtube chances are you’ve seen references to «pommel throwing» and «ending your opponent rightly» in the comments, this was introduced by youtuber Skallagrim making a video about the …

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Yeah see no real human being thinks katanas are meant to fight european swords and break through armor. The whole kick ass part of a katana is the fact that they were used against another dude with no armor holding another katana, which is a way cooler scenario than how 99% of knights actually fought.