Etterlyser informasjon om LSD og Changa / DMT

Etterlyser informasjon om LSD og Changa / DMT –

Etterlyser informasjon om LSD og Changa / DMT 2 2754 Rusmisbrukeren. Rusfri. 2.264 980. 25. april 2017. Hei. Jeg sliter litt med det engelske språket, og synes at det er litt tungt å lese, jeg føler meg ikke sikker på at jeg har forstått det jeg har lest. Derfor spør jeg her, og ber om at svarene kommer på norsk.

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I loaded the Changa into a new straight crack pipe (I didn’t want my bowl to smell like DMT) and took about 4 big hits. Instantly things started to get weird. I was so stimulated by the MDMA, LSD mix my eyes were shooting everywhere, I was shaking, but right when that DMT hit everything paused.

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Is changa not very dangerous to mix with mdma?
Or is it OK to do?3 votes
Like most here I am not qualified to give medical advice but I can give anecdotes: while they say that there is a possibility of serotonin syndrome, I’ve done it … read more3 votesI cannot be one to tell you if it is okay or not because I am not a doctor, just a curious young adult. I suppose risk of heart attack or something may be higher, … read more1 voteI was thinking about serotonin syndrome. I guess you probably need a lot though.1 voteWow. I’ve been so scared to even have changa after drinking a protein shake because of the maoi in it. Possibly been over thinking it hahaha1 voteIf I’m not mistaken I don’t think the MAOI used in smoking Changa is dangerous, like oral MAOI before doing DMT, I could be wrong though..2 votesSee all

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In the last 7 months I’ve experimented at least once but not more than three times a month with LSD, mushrooms and MDMA (16 times in total). I’ve been reading about DMT for 11 years. Nothing could prepare me for what I experienced.

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Nov 12, 2011 · Vaporized some DMT changa on my day off this morning, first time in a looooong while. Since I have three more days off, I thought I’d drop a microstar (~125-150ug) of LSD tonightbut I don’t want to waste it if the DMT from this morning would leave me with any meaningful tolerance such that the acid won’t impress.

mushrooms vs lsd vs dmt vs etc ? Feb 01, 2011
LSD + Mescaline + (maybe DMT) Feb 24, 2005

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Oct 02, 2018 · However I would not combine LSD with Changa as Changa contains MAOIs. MAOIs + LSD sound to me like a combination that could potentially produce dangerously intense vassoconstriction. Mushrooms + Changa on the other hand sounds harmless, but a combination that should produce interresting effects.

What Happens When You Smoke DMT While Peaking on LSD?

Watch the video embedded below to hear Terence McKenna talk about the time that he smoked DMT while already peaking on LSD. (Note: Ultraculture does not endorse drug use. This is included for humor value only.) DMT is an incredibly potent psychedelic drug that produces some of the most intense states of consciousness known to man.

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Aug 21, 2017 · Hello Nexians, First off I didn’t know where to post this since it is discussing both LSD and DMT, so I put it in this section. I am curious about taking 6 hits of LSD and vaporizing DMT at the peak of the LSD Trip. Terence McKenna definitely inspired this for me and at the same time I am really nervous just because of the intensity of DMT by itself.

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DMT has been on my mind for a while. I read DMT: The Spirit Molecule about six months ago and had seen Enter the Void a couple of times. I was immensely curious about it and really interested in what I could learn from it. My last couple of trips on LSD were very spiritual and I …

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Oct 17, 2010 · When DMT is smoked at the peak of a mushroom or LSD trip, the effects are spectacular, but only recommended for the experienced, most brave (or some might say, most foolhardy) of investigators. The effects used at the peak of another psychedelic can last for several hours.

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If it’s «true» changa, then it was at least one MAOI containing plant was soaked in the DMT solution. At most, it’s DMT and MAOI (beta-carbolines) re-deposited onto a specific blend of herbs, at least one of which contain an MAOI, usually caapi leaf.

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Sep 20, 2010 · DMT vs. LSD vs. Shrooms? This is a question for the psychonauts. Can you pinpoint the differences between these 3 substances? From what I understand DMT is like dreaming while awake, LSD is more visual, and Shrooms are more spiritual.

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Nu har jeg ikke røget Changa, men jeg har prøvet DMT og Salvia. Jeg synes også at selvkontrollen er mindre på Salvia. Jeg har oplevet, at min fysik flyver i alle retninger, selv om det ikke er det jeg vil. Meget mærkeligt at man ikke har kontrol over sin egen krop.