Urban Dictionary: BMW 135i

Urban Dictionary: BMW 135i

BMWs chick car. It is merely designed for bitches.

Urban Dictionary: BMW

Stands for Bavarian Motor Works. Quite possibly the best auto manufacturer. BMW combines luxury, performance,and prestige to create what is well known as «the ultimate driving machine». These high end cars are often driven by affluent, upper-crust americans who appreciate fine quality and workmanship.

Urban Dictionary: BMW 3 series

Originating from the BMW 2002, the 3 series has set the standard for sports sedan category, and remains to be an excellent machine today. Many other companies have made cars that can compete, but BMW still provides the best driving experience hands down, and regularly wins in …

Urban Dictionary: BMV

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Urban Dictionary: BMW

1) BMW = Blacks, Muslims, Whites – BMW is an acronym used by first generation Indian parents of the Hindu diaspora in the United States intended to dissuade their American raised children from marrying outside of their Indian-American community. This attitude could be accurately described as a 1950s American mentality.

Urban Dictionary: BMW

Bavarian Motor Works is a premium German car company and manufacturer of both luxury automobiles and motorcycles. The pinnacle of German engineering, the bikes are one of the finest motorcycles money can buy and their vehicles are one of the best automobiles around.Both are known for their superior quality, style and performance.

What does BMW mean in Urban Dictionary?

BMW’s combine top overall performance with quality, to a serious that hardly any other automobile make can surpas. Mercedes-Benz is simply BMW’s slightly older brother. For the right results, own a Mercdes and a BMW for different moods.

Got a pair of LCI black line tail lights for my 135i

Turbo Tuesday Got a pair of LCI black line tail lights for my 135i [Comparison] (i.imgur.com the car has a lot of BMW performance parts, if the front end is different from the standard 135i too, you might’ve gotten lucky and gotten a car with the whole catalogue in it! And I don’t mean «tight» in the urban dictionary sense. Very «tucked

Top responsesRedditThose look great. It’s amazing how much difference a small detail like that can make.30 votesThe origional look so boring and bland compared to the new ones. But what do they do? Sorry for being a noob11 votesThey make your car like newer6 votesI can’t see the difference :-(5 votesI’ve been looking in to doing this to my 128i, can you share where you got the tail lights from?5 votesexcuses the different lighting and focal length but those LCI’s make the originals look boring.2 votesSee all

Chillax – 2008 BMW 1 Series Long Term Road Test

2008 BMW 135i: Chillax. July 13, 2009. Chillax: The activity done by a car in an LAX (Los Angeles International airport) parking lot while the driver is away on a business trip.

BMW Models – All BMW Vehicle Lineup – BMW USA

Discover the luxury car of your dreams. Explore BMW Sedans, SAVs, Convertibles, Coupes, and Wagons – and learn why a BMW is right for you. Book a test drive today.

2012 BMW 1-Series Interior Accessories – CARiD.com

BMW 128i / 135i 2012, Ultimat™ Custom Fit Floor Mats by Lloyd®. The plush Ultimat was designed specifically for automotive use. After 30 years it is still the best-selling custom fit logo mat in the market.