Han Solo film finally has a trailer, complete with Millennium Falcon and a Wookiee [Updated]

Han Solo film finally has a trailer, complete with

«Best pilot in the galaxy» — Han Solo film finally has a trailer, complete with Millennium Falcon and a Wookiee [Updated] Dated for Memorial Day 2018; now with longer, dialogue-filled version.

Han Solo film finally has a trailer, complete with

Han Solo film finally has a trailer, complete with Millennium Falcon and a Wookiee February 5, 2018 47 No comment We’re confident that this is indeed proof of Chewie in Solo .

Han Solo Movie Has New Millennium Falcon | ScreenRant

The young Han Solo spinoff movie will feature a new spin on the classic Millennium Falcon, showing viewers its first days flying through space. For some fans, the vehicles of Star Wars are just as iconic as the characters, and few are as famous as Han Solo’s ride, which has the reputation of being the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy.

WATCH: ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Finally Gets Its First

It’s due out in less than four months, and the beleaguered Han Solo movie has finally got a trailer. A brief spot aired during the Super Bowl last night (February 4), with the teaser trailer premiering during Good Morning America today (February 5).

SOLO A STAR WARS STORY Millennium Falcon Trailer NEW (2018

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Apr 16, 2018 · Solo: A Star Wars Story Millennium Falcon Trailer New (2018) Han Solo Movie HD Subscribe for more official Trailers, TV Spots, Movie Clips, Featurettes and exclusive content!

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Han Solo Movie – EXCITING New Details About the Millennium

Feb 14, 2018 · Han Solo movie news with EXCITING new details about the Millennium Falcon revealed! We talk about the fact that the Millennium Falcon is not brand new in the film …

Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer breakdown: Emilia Clarke’s

Lando kept the Falcon a lot cleaner than Han. T he trailer’s super-neat, super-clean shot of the interior of Solo’s famous ship – which we know he wins from Lando at some point in this film

‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’: News, Trailers, Everything We

Watch video · Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon always seem to attract an interesting crowd, but a new television spot for Solo: A Star Wars Story takes a look at some of the early days of the smuggler’s

Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer: Han Flips an Old

Solo: A Star Wars Story is barreling ahead and it’s finally time we got a good look at the entire cast. A full trailer was released on Sunday, chock-full of galactic goodies: Lando Calrissian

Solo: A Star Wars Story | StarWars.com

Official Trailer | Solo: A Star Wars Story. Han Solo and Chewbacca finally get a moment of peace after their daring escape from Mimban. video. A Star Wars Story red carpet live stream and go under the hood of the Millennium Falcon in Solo with Lucasfilm’s Pablo Hidalgo! video. 12:26.

Solo: A Star Wars story full trailer with Millennium

The first Solo: A Star Wars story trailer FINALLY reveals what the movie’s about PLUS a look at the Millennium Falcon in its younger, new-ship-smell days before Han added a few thousand

We’ve Finally Seen A Trailer For The Han Solo Movie

“Solo” has been plagued with problems almost from the start, including a wholesale replacement of the directors last summer, so fans have been clamoring for a taste of the film.

Han Solo Movie Pulls Off a New Shot with the Millennium Falcon

The Millennium Falcon plays a large part in the upcoming Han Solo movie and now Donald Glover has revealed that we’re going to see a shot of the iconic bucket of bolts no-one has ever seen in a

Solo Movie Trailer Reveals Another Millennium Falcon Change

Solo: A Star Wars Story will present a Millennium Falcon rather different to the ship seen in Han Solo’s possession in the original trilogy, and the new trailer has revealed yet another change.