13 Hitchcock Films That Were Never Made

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13. THE WRECK OF THE MARY DEARE . Hitchcock always wanted to do a movie with Gary Cooper.

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Hitchcock was irritated about having to abandon the project, but he revived a few plot points and one of the working titles when he made 1972’s Frenzy, a serial-killer tale that may have been the last great Hitchcock film in spite of a decidedly mediocre cast.

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Hitchcock eventually decided “it wasn’t any good,” and he abandoned the idea to work on a project for which Warner Brothers had just bought the rights: the Broadway hit Dial M for Murder. 13. The Wreck of the Mary Deare. Hitchcock always wanted to do a movie with Gary Cooper.

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Director Alfred Hitchcock was a busy man. He had a lot of projects going at once, and many had to be abandoned along the way due to inadequate budgets, scheduling conflicts, and other reasons. Mental_floss takes a look at a baker’s dozen of those movies that were never completed, such as Flamingo Feather.

Best Films Never Made #13: Alfred Hitchcock’s Kaleidoscope

Hitchcock adored the wickedly dark prospect of Kaleidoscope. In discussion notes between Hitchcock and his wife, Alma, the director’s focus and vision is clear. When discussing the murder of one of the lead women, he remarked: “Actually we can mark the body with streaks but …

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The film was abandoned after Hitch relocated to Hollywood. Hamlet (1945-54) The first titles that Hitchcock and Sidney Bernstein announced on forming Transatlantic Pictures were Under Capricorn (1949) and Hamlet. The latter would be a “psychological melodrama” with Shakespeare’s verse being updated into modern argot.

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Referred to as «the best Hitchcock movie that Hitchcock never made», Charade is a 1963 film directed by Stanley Donen, who is most famous for his 1952 musical comedy Singin’ in the Rain. A glorious blend of genres, – romantic comedy, screwball, crime, whodunit, mystery, spy thriller – Charade was filmed in Paris, stars Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant in…

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– One of the strangest films ever made – When Nic Cage almost became Superman – Hitchcock: The lost secret of cinema. Hitchcock had hoped that the film would go into production in 1967.

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The following is a partial list of unproduced Alfred Hitchcock projects, in roughly chronological order. During a career that spanned more than half a century, Alfred Hitchcock directed over fifty films, and worked on a number of others which never made it beyond the pre-production stage.

Number 13 (1922) ·

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Two of Hitchcock’s films were in the running for Best Picture in 1941 – the relatively stodgy “Rebecca” (which won) and this charmer, about an American reporter in Europe, stumbling onto

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On 13 August 1962, Hitchcock’s 63rd birthday, Even when storyboards were made, scenes that were shot differed from them significantly. The Academy Film Archive preserves many of his home movies. The Alfred Hitchcock Papers is housed at the Academy’s Margaret Herrick Library.

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Due to Hitchcock’s failing health the film was never made, but Freeman published the script after Hitchcock’s death. In late 1979, Hitchcock was knighted, making him Sir Alfred Hitchcock. On the 29th April 1980, 9:17AM, he died peacefully in his sleep due to renal failure.

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Watch video · Born in London on August 13, 1899, Alfred Hitchcock worked for a short time in engineering before entering the film industry in 1920.

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Hitchcock was reportedly happy that the film was lost—he once called it “a very bad movie”—but it now stands at the top of the British Film Institute’s “Most Wanted” list of lost films.