Who The F Is Jerry? An Interview With F—Jerry’s Founder Elliot Tebele

Who The F Is Jerry? An Interview With F—Jerry’s Founder

Jul 17, 2017 · Elliot Tebele, the founder of FuckJerry, has turned his funny little posts into a big business. Originally started as an account to post cool pics, he pivoted to comedy and the rest is history.

Fuck Jerry’s Founder on Social Media, Launching Tequila

Elliot Tebele: “Between the various companies under the F Jerry umbrella, there’s about 25 to 30 people on board basically full-time. At first it was just an Instagram account, a Tumblr account actually, and now it’s evolved into a full-service digital marketing agency.

Fuckjerry’s Elliot Tebele Wants His Brand to Last Forever

A post shared by Elliot Tebele (@fuckjerry) on Jan 23, 2015 at 7:58am PST When Fuckjerry had just 3,000 followers, he got his first famous follower: Calvin Harris.

The man behind Instagram’s funniest feed – New York Post

The hilarious account, named in tribute to Jerry Seinfeld (despite the moniker, Tebele’s a fan), is a wiseass curation of arguably the funniest things on the Internet.

Instagrammer @beigecardian gets called @f***jerry’s wife

Jan 24, 2018 · Jessica Anteby, the power behind @beigecardigan, doesn’t want to be known simply as Elliot Tebele’s wife. Instagrammer @beigecardian gets called @f***jerry’s wife Home

Best of Fuck Jerry Memes on Instagram 2015 – brostrick

…and the Internet memes just keep on coming. If it’s one thing that breaks up our work day is flipping through some of the best memes from the genius that is Elliot Tebele, the founder of F**k Jerry.

Elliot Tebele (@FuckJerry) | Twitter

The founder of a meme empire and owner of an incredible Air Jordan 1 collection, @fuckjerry’s Elliot Tebele discusses his impressive set of OG pairs that were recently …

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Elliot Tebele / Fuck Jerry | Know Your Meme

Fuck Jerry is the online handle of American comedian Elliot Tebele, who is best known for curating humorous content on his various social media feeds. Like fellow comedian Josh Ostrovsky (a.k.a. “Fat Jew”), Tebele has been widely criticized for appropriating online content from …

We Talked to Viral Superstar F*ckJerry About Building a

I also sat down with Elie Ballas, Tebele’s right-hand man and fellow FuckJerry partner who handles branding, partnerships, emails, and press requests, and Jerry Media CEO Mick Purzycki.

How an Instagram Star With a Name Like FuckJerry Makes

A photo posted by Elliot Tebele (@fuckjerry) on Nov 23, 2016 at 9:00am PST FuckJerry has also made use of Instagram’s 4-month-old Instagram Stories feature for branded content.