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Recipe Tips. To freeze the cakes: Allow the cakes to cool completely, then wrap each cake well in clingfilm or freezer bags. Freeze for up to 6 months. Gluten-free Victoria sponge cake …

Cuisine: British

Victoria sponge recipe – BBC Food

This simplest of sponge cake recipes has a fresh berry and whipped cream filling that takes the classic Victoria sponge to new heights. This simplest of sponge cake recipes …

Servings: 12

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May 01, 2005 · Bake a classic Victoria sponge cake with this easy recipe, perfect for everyday baking and occasions. Find more cake recipes at BBC Good Food. The perfect party cake, a Victoria sponge …


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The Victoria Sponge was named after Queen Victoria, as reputedly it was her favorite cake. Anna, the Duchess of Bedford, who has been given credit for introducing the charming art of the afternoon tea was a lady in waiting to the queen who quickly adopted the custom of serving sponge …


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Transfer one cake (the less attractive one) to a serving platter, and spread jam evenly on top. In the bowl of an electric mixer, whip cream, confectioners’ sugar and vanilla just until it holds stiff peaks. Dollop about half the cream on top of jam, then top with remaining cake.


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Feb 11, 2018 · Easy Victoria sponge cake recipe. Very easy and yummy sponge cake. An excellent choice for any birthday or St. Valentine Day!


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Nov 21, 2016 · To make Victoria Sponge Sandwiches: Dust your rolling pin and work surface with confectioners’ sugar, and roll the marzipan into a disk the size of the cake…

Cuisine: European

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This is a small everyday cake meant for tea rather than an elaborate celebration. And, because it’s made with «self-raising flour,» it’s an everyday kind of cake to make. You’ll find almost this exact recipe for Victoria Sandwich or Sponge …


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Jun 01, 2010 · A very good and simple recipe for a yummy victoria sponge , it really does taste like a traditional home made cake your Granny would make even though I …


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Apr 07, 2018 · Classic Victoria Sponge Cake Recipe ~ this Victoria Sponge, aka Victoria Sandwich, is a British afternoon tea cake made with fresh whipped cream and raspberry jam sandwiched between two layers of fluffy yellow cake.

Cuisine: British

Classic Victoria Sponge Cake Recipe –


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This Victoria sponge cake recipe combines strawberries and cream and is the perfect easy bake for afternoon tea. See more cake recipes at Tesco Real Food We use …


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Before the Victoria sponge, British sponge cakes were leavened only by eggs hand-whisked with sugar until foamy and thick. Sometime in the mid-1800s, an unheralded genius realized that the recent invention of baking powder meant butter could be creamed in with the sugar, resulting in a firmer, longer-lasting, less temperamental sponge.

Calories: 517 per serving