Kanye West’s seven-track album strategy is paying off. Here’s why

Kanye West’s seven-track album strategy is paying off

Meanwhile, ye also debuted at #1 on the US chart, earning Kanye his eighth consecutive #1 album, and as Billboard reports, tying a record held by Eminem and The Beatles in the process.

Kanye West album: Why seven-tack release is genius

Kanye West’s new seven-track album treatment is dividing the internet. WHEN you talk about someone being a genius, chances are Kanye West isn’t the first name that comes to mind.

Turns out Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker really IS on Kanye

RELATED: ‘triple j Roundtable: Is Kanye’s new album worth the hype? Some other notable updates to the credits on Kanye West’s ye include Drake is a lyricist and composer on ‘Yikes’.

Kanye West Announces 7-Song Album: Here Are 17 Other

In honor of Kanye West’s as-yet-untitled upcoming album, here are 17 great albums throughout history that contained no more or less than 7 tracks.

Kanye West Debuts Highly Anticipated 7-Track Album YE

Amid the Pusha T and Drake beef, Kanye West has debuted his first full-length project since 2016’s The Life of Pablo. During an intimate album listening party in Jackson Hole, Wyoming on

Will Kanye West’s new album save him from crashing and

The photo on the cover of Pusha T’s new album shows Whitney Houston’s bathroom counter. Given his recent behavior, this seven-track album is a big ask for West.

Kanye West’s New Album Release Strategy Isn’t For Everyone

Apr 14, 2016 · This week, Kanye West’s latest opus, The Life Of Pablo, is sitting comfortably at number one on the Billboard 200, a spot he’s gotten used to occupying by now.

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In June 2016, Adidas announced a new long-term contract with Kanye West which sees the Yeezy line extend to a number of stores and enter sports performance products. The Yeezys will be seen in basketball, football, soccer, and more. In February 2017, West unveiled the Yeezy Season 5 collection to favorable responses from critics.

Early life ·

No CD, No Vinyl, No iTunes: The Life of Pablo Is About to

Will Kanye West’s The Life Of Pablo Become The First #1 Album With Zero Sales.Kanye’s streaming numbers for his latest album The Life Of Pablo have soared.

Kanye West says he’s $53 million in debt — here’s why that

With Kanye’s serious earning capacity, it shouldn’t take long to pay off the $53 million. «I can’t see why he can’t pay that back in 12 months’ time,» says Schebesta.

When does Kanye West’s new album drop and how can you to

Kanye West’s new album drops June 1st, but when will it officially stream and where can you hear it? After two years and a ton of craziness, Kanye West is set to deliver to the world his next album.

Kanye West Announces Two New Albums: Here’s Everything We

Kanye West has officially set the stage for one hell of a comeback. Kanye’s seven-track album will drop June 1, and one week later, on June 8, Kanye and Cudi are set to release a second album

Kanye West’s Net Worth as His New Album Drops | …

Here’s What’s Inside The $20,000 Grammys Swag Bag. Kanye West’s Net Worth as His New Album Drops. Worldwide Tours Pay Off. Celebrities. Miley Cyrus and the 9 Other Most Charitable Celebrities. Celebrities. Shonda Rhimes Proudly Reveals Netflix Deal Exceeds $150M. Celebrities.

Kanye West just released his worst album and it won’t save

Kanye West just released his worst album and it won’t save his trash career That’s why, fresh off of a string of so we’re one for two so far with the string of seven-track albums

Fans quickly forgive Kanye West after his album release

Jun 01, 2018 · Kanye West has brand-new music, and the internet is here for it. The album «Ye» is the rapper’s eighth studio effort — his first full-length project since «The Life of Pablo» was released in 2016.