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Hydrolyzed Silk. Solu-Silk Protein PF by Lonza acts as a moisturizing agent, shining agent and protective agent. Possess properties that are essential for the care and protection of both skin and hair. Used in skin care and hair care products.

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Sustainability, convenience, efficacy and going beyond the basic functions of cleaning to provide extra caring for the hands, clothes and surfaces are key trends …

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Solu-Silk Protein 20 PF Hydrolyzed Silk Forms moisture retentive films 1.0–10.0 % Solu-Silk Protein PF Hydrolyzed Silk Forms moisture retentive films 1.0–10.0 % Solu-Silk 25 PF Silk Amino Acids Salt-free version. Forms moisture retentive films 1.0–10.0 % Proteins Proteins are the basic building blocks for today’s skin and hair care products.

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Riddhi Enterprises focus and specializes in the imports and distribution of Personal Care Actives and Ingredients of world renowned companies like Lonza, Givaudan and Soliance.

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HYDROLYZED SILK ingredient for cosmetics formulations – find latest products launched and their applications in relevant industry news and technical articles Solu-Silk Protein PF (D) Shining Agents Protective Agents Moisturizing Agents a low salt coco-hydrolyzed soy protein for mildness and Solu-Silk Protein for moisturization

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Cosmetic Proteins The Proteins serves as basic building blocks for various skin, hair care and other personal care products. These proteins are separated from various sources and have properties that are essentially required for protection and care of skin and hairs.

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Hydrolyzed silk Azelis UK Life Sciences Hydrolyzed Silk Pangaea Sciences, Inc. Hydrolyzed Silk Universal Preserv-a-chem Inc. Hydrolyzed silk Gel Charles B Chrystal Co. Mythuline Vincience Promois Silk-1000, 1000P, 700SP Seiwa Kasei Co. Ltd. Promois SILK-1000F Seiwa Kasei Co., Ltd. Promois SILK-1000F is a hydrolyzed silk protein.

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Silk consist of two types of proteins, silk fibroin and silk sericin. Fibroin contributes about 70-80% of total cocoon weight where as sericin contributes about 20-30% of total cocoon weight.

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Hair Care Ingredients We offer wide range of ingredients for formulation of Hair Care products. These ingredients possess reparative and regenerative properties in combination with vitamins and minerals and helps in the repairing of damaged hairs.


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* Hydromilk EN-20 (Hydrolyzed Milk Protein) Manufacturing Process. * Solu-Soy EN-25 PF (Hydrolyzed Soy Protein) Manufacturing Method. * Solu-Veg EN-35 (Hydrolyzed Corn and Hydrolyzed Soy Protein) Manufacturing Method. * Solu-Silk Protein SF (Hydrolyzed Silk) Manufacturing Process.

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