Netflix criticised for airing new episodes of The Ranch featuring Danny Masterson

Netflix criticised for airing new episodes of The Ranch

One of the women who has accused Danny Masterson of sexual assault has criticised Netflix for airing new episodes of The Ranch that feature the star instead of dropping him instantly.

Danny Masterson’s rape accusers rip Netflix for new

Danny Masterson’s rape accusers criticized Netflix on Friday for airing “The Ranch” episodes that feature the actor, who was fired following the allegations. The latest season of “The

Danny Masterson Accuser Slams Netflix for Debuting New

Netflix premiered 10 new episodes of “The Ranch” on Friday, and one of the women who accused the show’s star, Danny Masterson, of rape has now spoken out to criticize the move.

Danny Masterson’s Rape Accusers Slam Netflix Over ‘The

On Friday, Netflix will release a new batch of episodes of The Ranch—the last ones co-starring Danny Masterson, who was written out of the series in the wake of sexual-assault allegations.

Netflix sets date for Danny Masterson’s final episodes of

Netflix has set a date for Danny Masterson’s final episodes of The Ranch following a sexual misconduct scandal.

‘The Ranch’ Gets Premiere Date, Danny Masterson’s Final

Netflix has revealed the premiere date for the first half of Season 3 of The Ranch, which includes the final episodes with Danny Masterson. The first 10 episodes of Season 3 (aka Part 5) will

Netflix has fired Danny Masterson. He’ll still – Vox

Danny Masterson at a Nashville event in June for the second season of Netflix’s The Ranch. Anna Webber/Getty Images for Netflix What’s more, he’ll likely be in at least some of the episodes

The Ranch: Danny Masterson Responds to Netflix Series

In response to multiple long-brewing sexual assault allegations levied against him, That ’70s Show veteran Danny Masterson will be written out of the third season of The Ranch TV show on Netflix.

When Does ‘The Ranch’ Season 3 Premiere? Danny Masterson’s

While the producers of The Ranch are writing Danny Masterson out of the series, his character, Rooster Bennett, will still be present for at least part of Season 3.

Here’s How Danny Masterson Was Written Off ‘The Ranch’

When Netflix cut ties with “The Ranch” star Danny Masterson last December, the big question was how his character would be written out of the show. And now that Part 5 is out in the world, we