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Oct 17, 2017 · A wireless network adapter is a device that connects your PC to a wireless network. To connect your portable or desktop PC to your wireless network, the PC must have a wireless network adapter. Most laptops and tablets—and some desktop PCs—come with a wireless network adapter already installed.

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Wireless networks use radio waves to connect devices such as laptops to the Internet, the business network and applications. When laptops are connected to Wi-Fi hot spots in public places, the connection is established to that business’s wireless network.

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Articles / Wireless Networking 8 tips to optimize your industrial wireless network If you are facing network, connectivity or speed issues, don’t despair: there are several potential solutions that can lead to a faster industrial network.

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Wireless communication technology is a modern alternative to traditional wired networking. Where wired networks rely on cables to connect digital devices together, wireless networks rely on …

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If you find wireless dead zones in your house, you might want to consider a range extender that can pick up the signal from your wireless router. Adding powerline adapters to your network is an easy, low-cost option for expanding the reach of your wireless network.

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Wireless Networking For indoor and outdoor wireless ecosystems Deploy cost-effective, highly secure and easy-to-manage wireless ecosystems for employees, guests …