5 Reasons to Start HIV Treatment ASAP

5 Reasons to Start HIV Treatment ASAP | Everyday Health

5 Reasons to Start HIV Treatment ASAP Treating HIV early on can help keep your viral load down and protect your health. Learn more about out why taking medication right away is worth the effort.

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5 Reasons to Get an HIV Test Today. World AIDS Day is a good time to understand why it’s so important. “But the key is to start treatment early,” Carballo-Diéguez says.

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Why Is Treatment Important?

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Despite the advances in HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention, more than 1 million people died from AIDS-related causes worldwide in 2016, according to the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF). In the same year, another 1.8 million people contracted HIV and over 20 million cases went untreated .

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And, treatment that suppresses the HIV virus can prevent transmission (spread) of HIV infection to sex partners (or injection drug use partners); for pregnant women, it ccan prevent infection of the baby in the womb or at birth. There a couple of things to know about as you decide when to start treatment.