Why We Need Diverse Female Superheroes, According To ‘Suicide Squad’s Corina Calderon

Why We Need Diverse Female Superheroes, According To

We call for more female superheroes and more female leads in general all the time, but chances are when those characters do appear, they will invariably look like me, a white cisgender woman, over

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According to Rich, the best hope for a female superhero film may not lie in a Wonder Woman feature or other high profile blockbuster but rather “in smaller comic-book adaptations which haven’t

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The superhero film empires built by DC and Marvel need more female heroes. Fortunately, should they care to act on this issue, there are a lot of great ones from their own comics they could select!

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Why is every film superhero heterosexual? All of the box office triumphs by DC and Marvel have starred white, straight, male superheroes and that must change. Why Superheroes Matter. Diversity in superhero movies is of particular importance given the financial and social sway that these movies currently hold.

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In recent years, Marvel has made great efforts to include more and more diverse superhero characters. They have introduced female iterations of characters like Thor; they have Riri Williams, a black teenager who is Ironheart and took over the Iron Man storyline; there’s Miles Morales, a “biracial” Spider-Man; and “Kamala Khan,” a Muslim teenaged girl who is the current Ms. Marvel.

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Stop trying to force feed women what men want, and consider giving them what women want instead. We don’t need more female superhero movies, we need more movies for females.

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The superhero genre is still anchored by its roots in a more sexist and racist time. So a few diverse characters is a drop in a largely white, rich male bucket.

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Female superheroes are everywhere lately, thanks to online fandom, more comics starring female characters, recent movies, and toy manufacturers like Mattel, LEGO, and even Velara Toys, which was started by two sisters aiming to transform the toy industry by creating their own female action figures.

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Diversity is more than skin deep. While many diversity efforts are focused on women and racial minorities, people with disabilities are an important and growing part of the workforce .

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Sep 16, 2014 · To demonstrate to the young boy that superheroes can be differently abled, Marvel created a Deaf awareness poster featuring the new superhero Blue Ear, who proudly wears a …

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For fans of the most popular female superhero, it’s about time. In fact, there’s plenty of reasons to be confused why it has taken the powers that be this long to recognize Wonder Woman’s big …

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Suicide Squad is a 2016 American superhero film based on the DC Comics supervillain team of the same name, distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. It is the third …

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According to an Entertainment Weekly report, Marvel’s vice president of sales David Gabriel said: “What we heard was that people didn’t want any more diversity. They didn’t want female

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With the Avengers film franchise, Marvel is refusing to acknowledge the diversity of what a hero can look like, choosing instead to play it safe with a superhero lineup that looks embarrassingly