Urban Dictionary: Chris O’Donnell

Urban Dictionary: Chris O.

Chris O. is some Greek Emo feg who thinks he invented the word feg.

Urban Dictionary: O’Donnell

O’Donnell was clearly paid off by the mob to throw those interceptions in the superbowl.No quarterback could take his team to the big game & throw 4 interceptions without doing it on purpose.

Urban Dictionary: Donnell

A man with the name Donnell will be one of the most genuine men you will ever meet in your lifetime. Donnell is a leader and a protector . He is handsome, strong, loving, caring, intelligent, peaceful, innovative, creative, artistic, faithful person and an excellent lover.

Urban Dictionary: Chrisopi

Originating fro the Ancient Greek name Chrisopi- «A never ending well full of gold» Natural born leader who almost always only values her own opinions and beliefs. Like a beacon burning endlessly bright so is Chrisopi’s charisma and wit!

Urban Dictionary: Chris Newcomer

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Urban Dictionary: Chrisovalantis

Despite their non-Guido heritage, Chrisovalanti can often be seen fist-pumping their way to a party near you. Often times, the name is shorted to Chris, which gives associates the false impression that the Chrisovalantis in question has a huge cock. (See def. Chris)

Urban Dictionary: chrisonie

nice,very caring,not afraid to fight,only like one person

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An analysis of MSNBC’s numbers reveals why: the network’s progressive primetime shows, hosted by Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow, and Lawrence O’Donnell, are surging — posting stunning year

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Urban Plates is a contemporary restaurant concept featuring fresh, made-from-scratch meals, entrée salads, hand-carved sandwiches, hot and chilled sides, soups and braises, as well as natural juice Replenishers and decadent desserts.

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Chris O Donnell is a nice guy, who looks nice, talks nice, and just radiates nice. Urban dictionary should just have a link to his IMDB profile when you type in the word nice .

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A lot of people like to talk about leading man, Chris O’Donnell, and his radical running leap over a chasm high on K2. My question is, have you ever run in crampons? Have you ever run at altitude? Were that me, I would have probably tripped over my crampons while hyperventilating, thus falling down to the bottom of the bottomless chasm.

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