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Terrorists are very likely to try to carry out attacks in Egypt. Although most attacks occur in Northern Sinai, there is a risk of terrorist attacks across the country.

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Egypt’s Prime Minister Sherif Ismail said that the “terrorism phenomenon” represents a threat to global security and there is a need to work to achieve mutual cooperation in the field of

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Egypt and the United States are approaching terrorism and the larger issue of extremism from markedly different perspectives. Siberell’s and Power’s remarks echoed those of U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who, in a February address to the Brookings Institution, outlined the Obama administration’s five-point strategy for countering ISIS and violent extremist ideologies more broadly.

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Egypt’s crackdown in Sinai once again exposes the double standards of the international community toward the war on terrorism. While it is fine for Egypt to demolish hundreds of houses and

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Terrorism in Egypt refers to terrorist attacks in Egypt, many of them linked to Islamic extremism. Targets have included government officials, police, tourists and the Christian minority . Terrorism increased in the 1990s when the Islamist movement al-Gama’a al-Islamiyya targeted high level political leaders and killed hundreds in its pursuit of implementing traditional Sharia law in Egypt.

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A former Egypt special forces officer, Hisham al-Ashmawy, is believed by security officials and analysts be the leader of Ansar al-Islam, as well as another militant group, al-Murabitun.

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Terrorism and tourism in Egypt is when terrorist attacks are specifically aimed at Egypt’s tourists. These attacks often end in fatalities and injuries and has an immediate and …

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24 rows · Terrorism Index in Egypt decreased to 7.17 in 2016 from 7.33 in 2015. Terrorism Index in …

India 7.53 7.48 8.09
Turkey 7.52 6.74 7.52
France 5.96 5.6 5.96
Saudi Arabia 5.81 5.4 5.81

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Nov 24, 2017 · After a massacre in Luxor that killed 62 people, mostly tourists, in 1997, President Hosni Mubarak began a sweeping crackdown that crushed an Islamist insurgency centered in southern Egypt.

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Terrorism in Egypt The risk of terrorist attacks in Egypt over the past years can be classified as very high. Compared to other countries here are quite a lot and also momentous incedents. Over the past 5 years a total number of 1434 terrorist incidents has been recorded, in which 2013 people have been killed and 2628 injured.

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On Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, outside a Sufi mosque where hundreds of worshippers were killed in a recent terrorist attack, a pile of unclaimed shoes remains.

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12 days ago · Terrorist organizations, especially the Islamic State, continue to document terrorist attacks against Egyptian security forces and disseminate them on social networks. The Egyptian media also continues to report on clashes between Egyptian security forces and terrorist operatives in various areas in Egypt.

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“For the Sisi regime, any Islamist who opposes the regime is a potential terrorist, and counterterrorism, at its most basic, depends on actually being able to identify who the terrorists are

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Mar 28, 2014 · Yes indeed it is a difficult question. No one can predict what will happen tomorrow. Egypt is still going through a tough time and I don’t think the political situation will be totally stable by next September. I hate to say that but this is the truth. Use your common sense and most importantly consult the travel advisory of your home country.