America First : NPR

America First : NPR

July 23, 2016 • NPR’s Scott Simon looks back at the history of the slogan, «America First,» which goes back to the 1940s, and has both bipartisan and anti-Semitic roots.

‘America First,’ Invoked By Trump, Has A Complicated – NPR

Jul 23, 2016 · ‘America First,’ Invoked By Trump, Has A Complicated History NPR’s Scott Simon looks back at the history of the slogan, «America First,» which …

‘America First’: From Charles Lindbergh To President Trump

Feb 06, 2017 · «From this day forward, a new vision will govern our land. From this day forward, it’s going to be only America first, America first,» Trump said at his inaugural on Jan. 20.

With ‘America First,’ Trump Challenges The World –

Jun 18, 2018 · With ‘America First,’ Trump Challenges The World Constructed After World War II President Harry Truman pushed for the treaties and alliances that gave the U.S. a leading role in remaking the world

Coming to America: Who Was First? : NPR

Oct 08, 2007 · The mapmaker, Martin Waldseemüller, named the New World «America,» after the Italian Amerigo Vespucci, who had explored the coastline of South America and was the first to …

Is President Trump’s ‘America First’ Policy Emboldening

Oct 16, 2018 · NPR’s Ari Shapiro talks with Tamara Cofman Wittes of the Brookings Institution about whether President Trump’s «America First» foreign policy is emboldening autocrats around the world.

Trump Vows Policy Vision Of ‘America First – NPR

Jan 21, 2017 · The phrase made an appearance with an exclamation point («America First!») as the slogan of Pat Buchanan’s presidential campaign in 2000. Buchanan had been an aide to Reagan and a speechwriter for

America First Credit Union – Official Site

America First Federal Credit Union does business as (DBA) America First Credit Union. Unauthorized account access or use is not permitted and may constitute a crime punishable by law. America First Credit Union respects your privacy.

Trump Political Advisers Now Raising Money For –

Jan 31, 2017 · Trump Political Advisers Now Raising Money For His ‘America First’ Agenda : The Two-Way was an NPR blog that ran from 2009 to 2018. The Two-Way is …

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Individual public radio stations are not required to broadcast all NPR programs; most broadcast a mix of NPR programs, content from American Public Media, Public Radio International, Public Radio Exchange and WNYC Studios, and locally produced programs.

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Donald Glover’s ‘This Is America’ Holds Ugly –

May 07, 2018 · Analysis: Donald Glover’s New Childish Gambino Video, ‘This Is America’ NPR Music’s hip-hop journalist Rodney Carmichael breaks down the political and racial nuances of …

Time for Trump’s ‘America First’ makeover of NPR, PBS

All things considered, we could use a little more «America First» and a little less globaloney and groupthink from NPR and PBS. I can think of a conservative female journalist or 12 up to the task.

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Two weeks later NPR’s daily evening news program All Things Considered was first broadcast; in 1979 it was joined by Morning Edition. During the early 1980s NPR broadcast original plays and adaptations of classic novels, jazz concerts and festivals, and classical music .

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