Tinder launches Super Like feature, users can now ‘swipe up’

Tinder launches Super Like feature, users can now ‘swipe up’

Tinder, the world’s most popular app for meeting new people, has just released Super Like, a brand new feature that will be available to users in Australia beginning today and is expected to roll

Tinder now lets users ‘swipe up’ as it rolls out ‘super

Until now, it has been a simple choice: swipe left, or swipe right. But users of the popular dating app Tinder will soon have the chance to ‘swipe up’ in their quest for love.

Swipe up: Tinder launches new ‘Super Like’ function for

But the super-like feature can only be deployed once per day. Users with a paid Tinder Plus account will be able to swipe up fives times per day. For users who score a ‘super like’, a small blue

You Can Now Swipe Up On Tinder If You ‘Super Like’ Someone

Oct 01, 2015 · Tinder users have to be selective, however, in the profiles they choose to swipe up. Users can only «super like» one profile a day, unless they pay for Tinder …

Guide to Tinder’s Swipe-up Super Like Feature – The Daily Dot

Now that you know about the Super Like, handle the feature with care. 2. Only swipe right on any Super Like senders you’re interested in.

Tinder is adding a new option to swipe up and ‘super like

But now Tinder is shaking things up. You can swipe up or tap a blue star on users you really like. Users will be able to tell if another user has “super liked” them.

Tinder launches ‘super like’ feature – Business Insider

Tinder, the red-hot dating app that lets you swipe right to like someone or left to dismiss them, is making a huge change on Thursday. Users can now swipe up on a user’s profile — to «super like» them. The feature has been trialed in Australia for the past several weeks and is touted as a way to indicate that you really like a match.

Tinder Launches ‘Super Like’ Feature And Teams Up With

Now Tinder’s introducing the option of swiping up on a profile, which indicates a «Super Like», or heightened level of interest. (This can also be achieved by tapping on the new blue star icon.)

Super Likeable: Tinder’s New Feature Can Show Who You’ll

Those profiles will pop up periodically in groups of four, and users will be able to send one of them a bonus Super Like. (Yes, you have to send a Super Like. Tinder claims that doing so

Now If You Really ‘Super Like’ Someone On Tinder, You

Dating app behemoth Tinder added a new feature on Thursday where users who really, really, super like someone can swipe up instead of just swiping right. Previously, Tinder users would swipe left if they disapproved of a prospective date, and right if they were interested in the person.

Tinder is adding a new option to swipe up and ‘super like

Tinder users can now super like each other. Dating app Tinder has announced that it is straying from its simple left and right swipe model and will allow users to swipe up on profiles and “super like” each other. Here’s how Tinder works right now: You swipe left if you don’t like someone