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as – didn’t so much see through as prove reluctant – grammar can see us through colourfully-see-through-head before cracked up / been / to see me through enough goodwill to see him through the hard times – financial Even through tough times, my love remains and I care whether you see it or not. see whether the water would seep

See-through in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation

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See through in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation

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see-through – Spanish translation – English-Spanish

see-through; see ya; see you; see you around; see you later; see you next time; see you soon! see you tomorrow; see you! see-through; seed; Even more translations in the English-Korean dictionary by

«see-through» in Spanish | Spanish-English Dictionary

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But you’ve got to see through that and know that you can turn it around. Times, Sunday Times (2011) At work, you see through flattery and know who really has your interests at heart.

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Forgot how see-through the t-shirts can be. Había olvidado lo transparente que esas camisetas pueden ser. Francine, your negligee is see-through. Francine, tu camisón es transparente, pero desafortunadamente tú no. Your mother’s dress is see-through in this picture. El vestido de tu madre se transparenta en esta foto.

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How to say see-through in Spanish What’s the Spanish word for see-through? Here’s how you say it.

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en Drew couldn’t see through his hand, but he could see through Ryan’s BS. OpenSubtitles2018.v3 es Drew no podía ver a través de su mano, pero podía ver a través de la mierda de Ryan.