Thor Ragnarok Review: The Tiny Hammer Swings Again

Thor Ragnarok Review: The Tiny Hammer Swings Again | Time

Oct 26, 2017 · MORE: How Thor: Ragnarok Sets Up What’s Next in Avengers: Infinity War As Thor: Ragnarok opens, our big Norse god hero is imprisoned in a big place by a big thing with big horns.

Thor: Ragnarok review: the first Thor movie that makes

Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi sharpens these jokes at the expense of his film’s title character, to delightfully entertaining effect. Thor is a bull in a china shop when it comes to

Thor: Ragnarok Review – With Thor, Marvel Found a Way to

With Thor: Ragnarok, Marvel Found a Way to Reinvent the Genre Again The unlikely savior superhero movies desperately needed.

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Oct 29, 2017 · Hey there. Woji here. So I saw Thor Ragnarok and I thought I’d do a quickie here with a short review of sorts.

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Apr 29, 2018 · Thor: Ragnarok turns the Thor sub-franchise on its head, delivering an often hilarious turn on the super hero genre after the two previous entries took the lead character sometimes a bit too seriously and very by the numbers.

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Ragnarok is coming! Jessica and Justin visit Sakaar to help free Thor and Hulk and return them to Asgard in order to save it from Ragnarök on this week’s review of Thor: Ragnarok.

Thor: Ragnarok Proves Marvel Is Not Afraid to Learn from

And Hemsworth has proven that without that hammer, Thor’s swing is stronger than ever. Get Vanity Fair’s HWD Newsletter Sign up for essential industry and award news from Hollywood.

Thor: Ragnarok review: A quirky take on by-the-books

Thor: Ragnarok isn’t a waste of time by any stretch, but you can skip it in favor of a quick summary in a pinch. That’s never a good sign. That’s never a good sign. reader comments

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RELATED: Hammer Time: 11 Times Mjolnir Was Destroyed (4 Times It Was Replaced) Since then, Mjolnir has led the God of Thunder on many of his most famous missions. We mean that literally, as it is by swinging and holding onto the hammer’s strap that Thor is able to travel through the nine realms.

Movie Review – Thor: Ragnarok finally makes Thor a hero

Oct 29, 2017 · Thor: Ragnarok is about our fathers, our leaders, and the flaws they can’t correct. Ragnarok’s writing team of Eric Pearson, Craig Kyle, and Christopher Yost has built a film that beautifully captures the shock and awe that exist on the last page of a …

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Thor and the Hulk do battle in Thor: Ragnarok. Photograph: Allstar/Marvel Studios This was the version of the Hulk we know from Planet Hulk, capable of full speech and with signs of intelligence.