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Feb 05, 2015 · Author: Lao Tzu This is the Stephen Mitchell translation of the Dao De Jing or Tao Te Ching Voice Narrator: Unsure, found online awhile back and could not refind, someone linked me to another

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Author: Laozi (traditional)

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Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu The Tao Te Ching, also known by its pinyin romanization Dao De Jing, is a Chinese classic text traditionally credited to the 6th-century BC sage Laozi. The text’s authorship, date of composition and date of compilation are debated.


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Introduction to the Dao De Jing [Tao Te Ching] by Lao Zi [Lao Tzu] Its many riddle-like poems are famously obscure.

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Daodejing, (Chinese: “Classic of the Way of Power”)Wade-Giles romanization Tao-te Ching, classic of Chinese philosophical literature.

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A new and attentively restored dual-language edition of the 6th-century B.C.E. Chinese Philosophical and Spiritual classic, presented in the celebrated translation of James Legge with the original text at its side.

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And this is, of course, what the 37 verses about Dao are elaborating on in the first part of the book. Only one of the excavated copies, from the Mawangdui site, had this line intact. It is slightly different using «heng» 道可道也,非恆道也 but the meaning is exactly the same.

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Simply put, the Dao De Jing, (Daodejing, Tao Te Ching) is a book, written by the Chinese philosopher Laozi over 2,500 years ago. Naturally, if that’s all it is, this article has no function.