Where’s HTC support on the VIVE issues? :: SteamVR 综合讨论

4 issues with HTC VIVE (or SteamVR?) :: SteamVR 综合讨论

Yesterday was my first day with the HTC VIVE and I’m really pleased VR technology is here, but I’m disappointed with some issues that I can’t resolve on my own: 1. While in VR, objects close to me that should be standing still appear to be slightly moving as I move my head left, right, up and down

Where’s HTC support on the VIVE issues? :: SteamVR General

SteamVR support has been great – not the fastest support but at least they were on point. They told me they escalated my problem to HTC directly with my email adress. I hope this will work.

TPCAST Problems :: HTC Vive 综合讨论

安装 Steam 登录 | HTC Vive. 全部 讨论 艺术 HTC Vive > 综合讨论 > 主题详情. dialapus. 2017年6月18日下午9:32 TPCAST Problems

Computer crashes when running HTC VIVE :: SteamVR 综合讨论

Hello, Just this Christmas I purchased an HTC Vive and have had disappointing results as for each time I load a game it crashes my entire computer within the first 5 or so minutes. It is an unwanted surprise for me obviously as for I am running a Titan X, 4790k, 16gb of ram and 1 Tb of ssd. I am not

Vive软件安装程序更新通知(1/20)-1.0.8889.986版本|HTC VIVE论坛 – HTC Vive …

Sep 21, 2016 · HTC Vive VR论坛,即VR虚拟现实综合讨论区,从各维度了解不一样的HTC Vive与VR虚拟现实世界。

Vive Controller Issues :: HTC Vive 综合讨论

HTC Vive > 综合讨论 > 主题详情. NinjaArmadillo. 2016年5月23日下午1:25 Vive Controller Issues Both of the controllers I recieved with my Vive were defective, I returned them for replacement and they were gone for a week (a week I had off work ), I got the

Bundled games came with key that was already redeemed

HTC Vive > 综合讨论 > 主题 In the meantime, I think I’ll contact Steam support as well. Did you connect HTC support with the live chat? i think you likely to get the response there #4. Either that, or they have some serious security issues with people stealing their codes. #10.

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VIVE Pro HMD; VIVE Pro Starter Kit; VIVE Accessories Wireless Adapter SteamVR Support; VIVE Order Help; Redeem Code FAQ; User Guide; Safety and regulatory guide If you are an Advantage or Advantage+ customer please email us at [email protected] M-F 7am – 6pm Pacific Time.

Steam VR Troubleshooting – SteamVR – Knowledge Base

Steam VR + HTC Vive Troubleshooting. Welcome to the troubleshooting guide for the HTC Vive + Steam VR. Troubleshooting for the first generation development kit can be found here.. If you have a Vive Pre Developer kit, the troubleshooting instructions below will also apply to you.

How to fix black screen issues with the HTC Vive | VRHeads

Although it might sound relatively simple, make sure to check that the HTC Vive’s cables are all plugged in correctly. With room-scale gameplay allowing players to freely move around, tugging at the cable tether can dislodge connectors from the link box over time.

support Valve’s openvr for HTC Vive · Issue #352

Would be really nice to get Vive support similar to the Oculus via SteamVR. Skip to content. Features Business support Valve’s openvr for HTC Vive #352. Closed memory layout issues or create a subprocess. There’s a version for OSX IA-32 so we should use a …

HTC Vive – common problems and how to fix them – VR Source

As the HTC Vive is an external device with its audio output can cause issues of no sound, but luckily most of the problems stem from system preferences or …

HTC Vive troubleshooting guide | VRHeads

The HTC Vive’s camera has also been known to cause issues with the headset’s tracking. Due to this, the camera is disabled by default and has to be manually enabled from within SteamVR. Due to this, the camera is disabled by default and has to be manually enabled from within SteamVR.